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lessons few people learn

I am a Salesman.  I have been one for Decades.

When I began my Career, I was pointed in the direction of the Library.  In Sales, there are no Courses (really) in Schools.  No University Degrees.  As Sales is the most profitable of all professions, and the most enlightening, but also something that there are few teachers for, as if they were any good at it, they would not be teaching.  They would be


Where you get your training, is in Books, Tapes, and Seminars.  Hands-on work.  Finding your OWN techniques.  Everyone has their own “special gifts”, and these gifts cannot be taught.  However, there are 3 MAIN books of necessity in Sales:

  • #1 How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  This book cannot be read too many times.  I have read it 7 times, but due for an 8th.
  • #2 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  A couple of reads will give you the gist
  • #3 See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar. (my personal pick as I believe every polished Salesperson will list the other two) and this book was a breakthrough for me.

What I would like to discuss here is important to this entire website.  It involves the first book and one chapter in particular.  When you are wrong, admit it, quickly and empathically.  I still have not totally mastered this.  Especially the empathically part.  however, it remains important for this particular post, the admission, anyway.

As you have to admit you were wrong about the Propaganda you believed in, in the past, revolving around the Holocaust and Hitler and probably many other things as well.

What I find in life, is more people fighting this.  Not listening.  Constantly refusing to even look at the information.  Forming their own conclusions, based on old conclusions and certainly “assuming things”.   I was taught (as you should have been taught) by those “Wise Sages” in Schools that, in a primitive way, when you “Assume” you make:

An “Ass” out of “U” and “Me”

Such “Wise Sages” they were too, to teach you this.  Yet how few, catch on?  I see morons assuming things “constantly” in later life.  Obviously, they never learned this major lesson.

In Sales, I am always confronted with people assuming “There is a Catch”.  My guess is that if they are assuming that, then I am simply doing a good job!  I have made my case so good, that they feel it is “too good to be true”.  In fact, they even have a “false saying” about that.

“If it is too good to be true, it probably is!”

Well, grasshopper, let me say right up front, that this is a certain lie.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it requires more investigation.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it very well might be “genius”.  If it sounds too good to be true, it very well might be “so obvious that you wonder why you never thought of it before”!

That is certainly the case with the Holocaust.  “You” believed the stories, mainly because “everybody else believed them” and it seemed so obvious (as per their story) and maybe for just the reason that everyone else believed it, that you figured that it…

Required no Research or Investigation Into

Right?  Did you not just accept the figure of “6 Million Jews” as being “Gospel Truth” and your only real backup for that was that “everyone else believed it”?  Clearly, you did, if you believed it, as any kind of investigation of that figure would leave you “empty handed” and without any case whatsoever for the figure, had you researched it, that is.

Did you not simply believe the “Gas Chamber Fable” without any investigation, simply because so many other people believed it.  There just HAD TO BE EVIDENCE for it!  Right?

Probably what is most frustrating to me as a Salesman today, is that I no longer meet people “face to face”.  I no longer dazzle them with a smile or a wink.  No fancy suits.  No body language.  Using those tools (in the past) I could get people to look at what I had to offer.  Yet today, I sell advertising on the Internet.  The hardest thing I have to overcome is getting people to not only look at what I have to offer without them assuming they already know beforehand (which they very rarely do, in fact) and to allow me to present it to them with an open mind.

At the end (because I do my job so well) I still get a number who will think it is too good to be true what I present, and quite a few who give me excuses that they need to think about it or talk to their partner or in reality “Spot the Dog”, as this is just a “procrastination tool” for them, knowing that in the end, I should have left them with no excuses not to place an ad.  Yet I am forced to call them back anyway, while they procrastinate, and avoid my calls, simply because they know they have no good reason not to place an ad afterwards with me, having seen how I have identified and handled all their needs, but they are advertising for free right now, and although my system is better, it will cost them money, and they would rather just procrastinate.

This is what I find that people will do with the Holocaust as well.  They might know that “something is not right in Denmark”, but since all their friends and family believe in this “Old Propaganda”, just like they mostly believe in other things unproven, like God or Jesus, they use the SAME tactic:

cover your ears

This is not a “Smart Tactic” to take!

And you should KNOW better!

However, you have done it.  Admit it!  You see people every day that do it!  Admit that too!  You might be just as guilty as I have been or maybe even more, in my past, and in your past for refusing to investigate, and just “assuming” crap that you should not be assuming.

Just because you do not know the answer to a question, or you have believed in something somebody told you of past, do not take the position that no further research is needed.  That in fact your “First Assumption” was probably the right one.   It may have been, but in all honesty, it rarely is, and you owe it to yourself to investigate!



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