Free Monica Schaefer for all of us!

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When is “Enough, Enough”?

At this website, we have all the evidence any normal “thinking person” needs in order to validate the FACT that this “Propaganda Fable” of past is nothing more than that!  It is still promoted (as a matter of common knowledge and fact) fraudulently every day, even today in Mainstream Media.  They keep repeating the lies and censoring the rebuttal, and some of it is purely outrageous as per how blatant it is, without any kind of reference whatsoever to any real facts backing up the claims.

As an example, we “blew out of the water” beyond dispute, a very recent 3-minute video:

In this post (if you click on this link)

It is very frustrating to watch these people simply “pass off” stuff as the known truth, without ever even attempting to address the proven lies surrounding it.  Please watch this

6 Minute Video from Monica

If you really want to know what the “Hoopla” is all about here and what is going on “Right Now” in a German Prison, I invite you to delve further into this, and listen to Monica’s Brother:

Alfred, for One Hour




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