He who doth Protest too much

international war crimes

Even though it is a Fantasy, you equate EVIL with Hitler!

Yet all propaganda aside, if you actually researched it, you would find that Germany (under Hitler) :

  • Actually DECLARED War
  • Stuck by the Geneva Convention
  • Constantly had an ongoing Peace Proposal
  • Never Bombed Civilian Populations ==> Without Provocation <==

That is the truth! Cities like Hamburg were constantly bombed by England BEFORE Hitler would allow a retaliatory strike in the same vein.

Yet YOUR GOVERNMENT sidesteps the entire “Declaration of War” and simply bombs. Supports factions that bomb and kill in other Countries. Does it look better to not have blood “directly on your hands” by doing it that way?

Ohh, and in this post, I am not calling out “Just the USA” (even though they are the biggest Goyim participating) or the MASTERS of that Goyim being Israel.

No, if your Country, be it Canada or Britain or France or any of the “Other Goyim Countries” are not directly bombing, you are still there! Directly targeting areas for the people committing War Crimes. Supplying money and arms to those Criminals. Maybe take a tip from your MASTERS pushing to get the Goyim to do it instead for you, your Country is “directly involved and indirectly involved” in promoting and carrying out “Text Book Cases of International War Crimes” and YOU know it! You do not even question it. There simply is NO DEBATE! None whatsoever.

So, if Hitler was the “Worst of the Worst” which you can promote with your Propaganda, then you have outdone him in “Leaps and Strides”! You make whatever you lie about him as being real, a “children’s birthday party, with some minor injuries” compared to what your Country is doing KILLING PEOPLE and making them homeless!

There is only ONE thing I can think of which would be worse after you do these “Blatant and Textbook Crimes”. You could admonish the refugees you create by doing it, and deny them assistance, shelter or any kind of compassion. That, and that only could possibly be worse than what your Country is doing by conducting International War Crimes!

In case you think I am mistaken, and you are still “all wrapped up in the Propaganda” as per how Germany acted during WWII and how Britain acted in WWII (later joined by the rest of you Goyim) then let a Historian tell you the “Documented Truth with Facts backing him up”:

David Irving & Churchills War



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