Greater Israel and You

greater isreal project

Mainstream Media on such a well-documented Plan??

Should we say “Silent”?  Should that be “Telling”?

As it is being played out, right in front of your eyes.  You will find many posts about Greater Israel, and it’s well-documented plans, from the Protocols of Zion to the Oded Yinon Plan, and of course, if you search the Net,  you will find lots to pick from, as people are screaming this out, all which is quite obvious.  You can be forgiven for not knowing anything about it, as it has gotten virtually no Mainstream Media Play but you might have heard mention of it from Press TV or other sources like the Real News.

Again, lots for you to pick from.  A search on YouTube will keep you in research for Weeks.  You will find lots of links to video, like:

This 20 Minute Clip



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