Let’s be fair on Zionism

fair evaluation on zionism

You cannot evaluate Zionism through a Zionist Lens

Let me take it from a “Christian Perspective” to make an example.  One that is fair.  Honest as well.  Let us pretend we are speaking of “Southern Baptists”.  Let’s put it into that realm.

Let’s say that “Southern Baptists” got control (somehow) of the State of Alabama.  They had in power the State Governor and the State Legislative Branch, and they felt that was not enough.  They felt they should be treated in Alabama as a Country.

As well, they felt they spoke for “All Christians” and that all Christians should come to the State of Alabama and settle there.  Even the Presbyterians should bow to the leadership of the Southern Baptists, and accept their rule, and their philosophy, although (at first at least) they should be allowed to practice and believe in their “Sect Belief” of being a Presbyterian.

Yet this not being enough (as they needed more), they promoted that “Christians Worldwide” were being attacked, and that they “Stood For and Protected” all Christians!  To be Anti-Southern Baptist, would, in fact, be “Anti-Christian”.

The Southern Baptists went further (let’s say) and were able to take control of over 90% of the Media.  They got control of the Federal Reserve.  They got control of leaders, through manipulation and bribes in other States and Countries as well.  Always promoting that to be against their efforts was to be “in fact” Anti-Christian.

As outrageous as this seems, that is the story of Zionism

It begins with the Khazars and how these “mostly Atheist” people became Jews.  It goes on with their becoming the “Ruling Class” in Russia and the Bolshevik Soviet Revolution.

It continues with the influence inside of North America and the spread of their Scofield Bible.   Making way of course, for their influence in the Churches of North America, and their promotion of the harm done to them by Anti-Semitism which was nothing more than a “hoodwink”.

Yet for a fair evaluation, I have a link to a video.  Calm, and to the point, looking at both sides of the issue (from Churchill on mostly) and explaining the “positive promotions” of Zionism from that of even Churchill, I present:

How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel (1hr/17min)




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