Are YOU part of the Show?

dog and pony show

Caught up in it, are you? Mainstream Media Promotes it. You should either watch quietly or promote the show for them (at your own expense of course) or you should be an Actor in the Show. The Dog and Pony Show for the Masses!

Sooner or later the show will be over. Will that be the end of humanity? As this is all just to keep you entertained while the Elite work in the background, gobbling up all they can, and causing Death on a Grand Scale while you (if one of the Audience) are watching the show.

Some of you may not be watching but far worse than that. You could call the Audience stupid if you desired, but in fact, they are not the most hoodwinked, nor are the dumbest of the dumb.

The dumbest of the dumb is a term reserved for the promoters of the Dog and Pony Show. Those screaming for you to take a side. Democrat or Republican. Liberal or Conservative. Just take a side, and then they hand the banner to…

  • The Actors

Who put on the show for you. Keep you distracted. Their favorite cry is “Look over here”! They promote hatred for your fellow human beings. Racism (when appropriate) but try not to make it less obvious and not so blatant. Call them Immigrants, or Illegals, which is a far better term than some of them, when they use the term Terrorist or Rapist or Drug Mules!

Those are the actors, and some are just promoters, aspiring to be actors in the “Dog and Pony Show” for your amusement. The people who actually run the show are the Elite.

The Elite is working (not even concerned with the show, other than that it is successfully being enjoyed by the masses) and they are working on Artificial Intelligence. Robots. Control.

They know the Climate Crisis will destroy humanity if their Nuclear Weapons do not do the job beforehand. They expect to be the “last to die” as they sit on top of a Hill, with Robotic Weapons surrounding them, and Robots to cater to their every need. They are gonna win too.

If you continue to watch or participate in the Show

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