Kids will take Teachers apart on the Holocaust!

penn schools teach holocaust

I love to see this, as I know that there is nothing about “Said Holocaust” that holds water.

All of it is a lie, and if it is not already happening, it will soon as kids (equipped with Cell Phones and Tablets) can easily “fact check” the teachers from sites like

Surely this will make them (the Teachers) a laughing stock of the Students as the Teachers have nothing to go on for evidence of anything. They cannot show Genocide. Jews are alive and well. As a matter of fact, from many sources, they can find independent publications showing the Worldwide Jewish Population at 15.5 Million before and AFTER the War. So what Genocide?

The claim of 6 Million killed in camps cannot be backed up, as it was based on hearsay from the beginning. It came (originally) from a Guy who said another Guy said it, who was presently on the run. When he was caught up with and put on trial, he proclaimed that he never said such a thing. That is the ONLY basis for the 6 million figure in Camps. It was not a new figure to begin with, as it had been claimed over 140 times in previous history from Zionists crying (falsely) for sympathy. There is simply no evidence for this.

Just as there is no evidence for Gas Chambers whatsoever. Places claimed to be ruins of an actual Gas Chamber have been chemically tested, by at least 3 different expert labs, finding no possibility of Gas Chambers existing where claimed. Signs (as in Dachau and Auschwitz) have been posted stating that these facilities were never used as Gas Chambers, or that they were reconstructed after the War. They are in fact, “Mock Gas Chambers”.

There is so much fraud surrounding the stories, it makes it impossible for a rational person to believe ANY of it, without evidence. From Shrunken Skulls (of supposed Jews) to Jews made into Soap, to Electrocution Rooms, to Jews made into lampshades to Gas Chambers, all of these claims have been disproven.

Any Judge will instruct a Jury that:

“If you find ANY part of a Witness Testimony to be Fraudulent or Misleading, you must disregard the ENTIRE Testimony”

Yet the frauds are more than just a few. So many in fact that virtually ANY claim can be assured to be able to be taken apart and discredited, with very little effort, as it has been done already. Again and again!

So, armed with this, I would think the Students will have a “hayday” with these Teachers! What are they gonna do? Send them all to detention?

Certainly, if they wish to teach Students about Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity, that would be fine, but including the “Said Holocaust” in this teaching process, more than muddies the water. It discredits the entire course!




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