Letter from Monica Schaefer

letter from monika(GLARING HypocrisyOn June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted the brief video to YouTube entitled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. January 3rd, Monika was arrested in Munich, Germany for “hate speech”. 

Monica’s Apology

June 10, 2018
Monika Schaefer
JVA Stadelheim
Schwarzenberg Str 14
81549 Munchen
From Monica Schaefer, from the Iron Bar Hotel, Stadelheim, 159 days incarcerated, letter #3.
Dear Diane and Jim,
Thank you so much for your two letters dated postmarked April 2nd and April 13th both of which arrived May 31st, so 7 and 8-1/2 weeks respectively! I had to chuckle when I read your statement, “… we are delighted that you are receiving your mail at all…”  Me too. I am delighted, but I have to tell you they are playing psycho-tricks with me, because for a long period of time, they were dangling the occasional “carrot,” little bits of mail here and there, most of which were speedy and reaching me like in 2 weeks.  And so, of course, this could lead me to the conclusion that we are all up to date, and the people are moving on to other matters. Then all at once, May 31st, I received a pile of mail that stemmed back 2-1/2 months! What on Earth were they doing over there at the courthouse?
My jailers here in this institution assure me that these delays did not stem from them. They move the mail quickly, and I do believe them; although, they have also made many mistakes leading to some terrible delays – for example misdirecting mail from the Canadian Consulate in Munich, which should have reached me the next day.  They sent it along to the court with the rest of my mail and it said Rush, “EILT” on it, and it reached me 40 days later.
Anyway aside from these kinds of things, I do want to share with you another little story about my mail. The story of Monica Schaefer’s mail. I had requested a meeting with the jail boss after certain laws and rules came to my attention regarding the handling of mail, and I felt they were breaking the law in my case. When a person is U-Haft, short for “Untersuchungshaft,” meaning arrested and detained before trial or verdict, like me, then all in and outgoing mail gets read by the court – – the prosecutor or the judge or whoever over there – – I’ll just call it “court” for short. Then the mail gets forwarded (or not as the case may be). The incoming mail gets put in sealed brown envelopes and those brown envelopes are supposed to be in my presence. I get called to the office in my wing here and they are just supposed to be checking for stuff like stickers, glitter, blank cards, forbidden and presumably dangerous? Things like that. They do not read the mail – that has all already been taken care of by the court. Now it is different if you are “strafhaft,” meaning you have already been sentenced to prison then the mail would no longer be sent to the court to read, and the jailers read the mail before handing it over.
Back to my case. It was clear to me that those brown envelopes have been opened in the mail room downstairs before being sent up to my wing, where it is checked yet again though so this is a TRIPLE check. And monitoring of my mail. I thought this might be a bit extreme so I requested that meeting with the big boss. Well let me tell you, that was a most interesting discussion with the two women (they always have their sidekicks with them). I learned that not only do they open the mail in the mail room to look for inserts or stickers, they DO read my mail here too, even though it has ALL already been through the court! I challenged them on this. And made mentioned the laws they have. They pulled out their special Book of Rules, jailhouse rules you can call it, and they have special rules for special people like me – hahaha. Oh isn’t it nice to be special? In their eyes, especially dangerous people like me. They’re special rules site security reasons. Yes, of course, there is that catch-all word “security.” Where have we ever heard that word before? Oh yeah, I remember now, 24/7 in MSM. Security justifies any and all of their secrets, as laws, (police state laws), actions, like maybe attacking another country, everything and anything they want to do, it’s always in the name of “security.”
So our discussion continued. I asked for clarification. I cannot relay the whole conversation word for word here, but I can tell you they dug themselves pretty deep in their own doodoo. What dangers were they protecting themselves from? BB (or the big boss): I could be converting people here, gathering together a band, gang, a group of followers. I said how would you know from the incoming mail? Outgoing mail goes directly to the court in sealed brown envelopes or do you open those illegally as well? BB: No, no, we don’t do that. Monika: So please explain. BB: Well someone might be answering your letter and saying something like “good plan!” At some point in the conversation I laughed out loud – I couldn’t help myself. (Oh they don’t like that very much when we laugh in their faces.) They are worried about my contact with other prisoners. I suggested to them that if they did not like it that I am conversing about anything under the sun and socializing with other prisoners, then they would have to put me in isolation, solitary confinement. They flatly replied that would be the next step. Without blinking I said, “the world is watching.” (Just to be clear here that was a threat I am not in solitary.)
Later that day, I had reason to write them a followup letter regarding a small logistical matter about something else and I used the opportunity to also leave them with one further comment relevant to our discussion, as food for thought. I wrote: TRUTH STANDS ON ITS OWN.  ONLY LIES NEED TO BE FORCED INTO EXISTENCE BY THE STATE.
Well, my friends, I was going to write you more stories – they are abundant here! But this letter is long enough for now. Yes please share especially with Arthur as I haven’t written him in a while either. All of you are near and dear to me and I am sending you much, much love, Monica.



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