What is normal on Social Media is beyond Mainstream Media to consider


Why is that?  Why is it that even “Trusted Media” is still spouting pure bull?

It is like they are singing in unison.  The most BASIC of all research they have not done.  Stuff that Social Media is now thinking is “Old Hat”.

same song

You can expect it from Normal M.S.M. but the people you trust too?

amy goodman

Even after she has interviewed people years ago saying

It’s a Trick

chris hedges

Even though he is an “Admitted Bible Thumper” he can


Produce Crap Like This!

thom holocaust

People who you respect the most, being well researched!  Yet when it comes to this subject, they all sing the same tune.

You would think Thom would simply rather not comment than to keep bringing up 6 Million and Gas Chambers when there is no evidence for either and an obvious agenda.  Yet he does, and he has people on his show continuing to promote the Yarn.  Never ready to ever table the argument.  No.  None of these people will do anything at all but to promote it as an

Accepted Fact

Factoring in they also do the promoting of the garbage, with “no arguments allowed”, you would at least expect that they would simply, instead, just shut up about it.  Yet no.  They have to jump on top of the “Soapbox of Fraud” and spin another tale!

Heck, I am only speaking of the Holocaust so far, but they are all doing it as well on 911.  Promoting 19 Hijackers with Boxcutters and Bin Laden in a Cave.  They may “hint” that this is not a surety but they will all go on and on about it, and using other things to justify or invalidate as per their accusations on Hitler, Bin Laden, Ghadaffi, etc.

All they seem to ignore is the Propaganda about Iran, as this Country has not attacked anyone in over a Century, but when it comes to Israel?  If more than 2 words come out of their mouth about it, they will drown it out with more falsehoods.  Every one of these people will look at you as if you are from MARS if you hint that any of this is not true, and the “Greater Israel Project” is something totally “off limits” for any of them!

We are talking here about people that normally go against the “Claimed Norm” of belief in many cases.  The ones “Rebuked” as they do not tow the Mainstream Beliefs.  It all is enough to make the normal person think they may have gone insane, especially if they have researched and studied that of which they have seen on Social Media.

Well, all I can say is Grasshopper, you are not alone!

As you will notice on Social Media, when you bring up these subjects, you are quite often faced with silence, if not some Zionist who wants to “tow the line” spouting the old disproven garbage, which anyone with access to this site (along with others) can make them look like a fool for.  That is telling.

The people acclaimed for their research and knowledge refuse to discuss it, but will gladly promote the fantasy on a queue.  The fact that none of them are able to even table the subject, when Social Media does it all the time, on a daily basis, is proof enough that they are simply afraid of losing their positions if they really told the truth.


Don’t Be Hindered To Keep It Real!



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