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biggest piece of the puzzle

Feeling a little “Hoodwinked”?  Kinda lost in reality?

We can discuss Zionism.  We can discuss the Wars in the Middle East.  We can discuss how we got here.  We can make the assumption as to where we are going.  Yet in order to get a proper perspective, we need to understand the biggest piece of all.  The lie of the Holocaust.  How it has been promoted and how it still is being promoted today.  If it really was “Common Knowledge” as it is alluded to, then there would be no reason to keep talking about it in Mainstream Media, by your Politicians some 70+ years after it has all been laid to rest.  Yet it is talked about.  Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  Why?


When you are promoting a lie, and using it as justification, reinforcement is necessary.

This site is dedicated to showing you everything you need as evidence in order to make you understand that the “Said Holocaust” is a lie.  Not some of it.  Not most of it.  ALL of it!  Now, sure you can say “Are you claiming then that NO JEWS died in the Holocaust”?

No, I am not saying that, but in reality, that is a “leading question”.  You (although I know what you are referring to) are claiming an event in “Holocaust” which did not happen.  In reality, your question “should be” instead…

“Are you claiming then that NO JEWS died in Labor Camps”?

That being the proper question, I could answer better than no, I am not claiming that.  Jews died, but very few (compared to the amount claimed) were murdered in those labor camps.  That the claim of “Holocaust” in itself is a lie.  Jews, along with many other religions died in labor camps in Germany during WWII, and they also died in cities, and in other “Mass Executions”, but there were no camps set up as “Death Camps” as that is a lie.  Should you wish to research any or every aspect of this pure fraud, you can, and find all kinds of links to those facts of impossibility and known fraud in:


ABOUT (also found in the sidebar here)


You sincerely need to understand this hoax.  You need to understand that every aspect of what is promoted and claimed in Mainstream Media and by your Politicians and even your Intellectuals about it, is nothing less than “Pure Fraud” and that is just a fact!

Then, once you are convinced fully of that, you can move on to understanding much, much more than just that fraud.


will allow you to understand that the reason for WWII is not clearly evident by what is taught to you by Mainstream Media, or your Politicians or even your Schools.  The actual reason for WWII is comprised of Jealousy and a Zionist Agenda made justifiable by pure hoodwinking.  Ask yourself why WWII started.  You will be led to the:


Polish Conflict

Ok, so if you clicked on that above link and are “scratching your head”, thinking this is really insane to start a War over, you would be correct, and so you would have to be:


To WWI and what came before

Ok, so if you watched that well-explained video above in the link, you should “pretty much” at this point understand:

biggest piece of the puzzle

Yet you still would be a little lost, unless you understood Zionism and specifically the Bolshevik Revolution.  Some of you may have read Mein Kamph and you heard it mentioned there, but you still need to understand who was in charge:


2 hrs: The Zionist Hand in Bolshevism / Communism

Ok, now you have your head kinda wrapped around this Zionist thing.  Yet where did it come from?  Here we go again Grasshopper, as you are going deep, deep into truth:


Where Zionism Came From

Yippee!  We got back to the basis!  Understanding more now?  Got lots still to research too I bet, don’t ya?  Gave you lots of clues eh?


You have a lot on your plate around this.  Lots to see!  Lots of documentation.  Lots of stuff you did not know.  Yet you are learning.  Good for you Grasshopper!  We went back as far as we need to go in one post, so let’s move forward now.

After WWII, the Zionists got their “State of Israel” finally, as it was outlined in:


The Protocols of Zion

and now they were ready to move on to their “Next Stage”.  That being:

Their Greater Israel Project

In order to accomplish this, they needed to cause a Major World Change, and in order to do that, they needed help from:


Their Goyim, and 911

And there you have it.  Most of the pieces of the Puzzle, but hopefully you understand the BIGGEST PIECE first.




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