A note on Freedom and Liberty


Do they ever get rid of “Old Laws” or just lump new ones on?

Are they correct to begin with? Sometimes the simplest of systems make the most sense. More laws mean more complications and more corruption to get around them. Are they just in the first place?

Let’s take voting for instance:

All throughout the Middle East and in places like Africa, when voting happens, people are often illiterate, or without documentation, but they still wish to cast a vote. This was much the same in the early days, during the forming of our Countries.

What do they do there? Simplicity to the max. They have normal paper ballots, and anyone in the present region on voting day can elect to vote. They cast their ballot, and upon exiting the voting booth, they are stamped with “Indelible Ink” on their hand. Since they cannot wash that off properly for days, and it is easily checked upon wishing to cast a ballot, it ensures ONE VOTE PER PERSON.

Never mind wrapping your head around if they are a Citizen or not! Is that important? If they are there on voting day, and wanting to participate in the Election, they most likely have good reasons for wanting to. Whatever their reasons, there would not be enough of them with “corrupt ideas and an agenda” enough to swing any election. So? Is it not better to allow freedom in voting than to concern yourself with motives for voting? If your concern is that you do not have groups with agendas, planning on voting many times, then this system prevents that from happening. Doesn’t it?

Is it not better than:

  • Corrupt Voting Machines that offer no receipts?
  • Rules as to what District they have to Vote in, often changed?

Don’t try to say that “Machines are Necessary”, as much larger Countries operate still on a “Paper Ballot System”. When you put in rules for voting which are complicated, then you open the door to the corruption process. The simplest way is best.

Do immigrants need to be heavily screened?

Making rules for ALL, simply because you have a small minority of bad apples simply puts a burden on the whole. It is easy and fast to check someone’s ID and ask them simple questions when entering a border checkpoint. This does not take too much time, and if the immigrant desires to remain in your Country, a vast majority will need Bank Accounts, Drivers Licences, and present documentation in order to get accommodations or to buy certain goods in your Country. A vast Majority of the Immigrants will apply for the proper documentation if it is made “Simple to do”.

Ben Franklin said:

“Those Whom Forsake Liberty For Security, Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Security”.

Not only is that a smart and acceptable statement, it also does not just apply to things like Immigration. It applies to things like “The Patriot Act”.

Why, out of fear, because you were told of limited incidents, done by a very few people, should EVERYONE face their Liberties curtailed? If your fears (for instance) are that of terrorism, and the point of “Terrorism” is to make you afraid enough to change how you walk and talk and travel and feel secure, isn’t forcing the ENTIRE POPULATION to conform to “RULES” which inconvenience them a “Total Win For The Terrorist”?

If you agree that it is, then Ben Franklin’s statement should make even more sense to you. More laws are not the solution, when it inconveniences the vast majority, for the minor faults of the extreme minority. This is simply giving up your Freedom. Your Liberty. I might add, that living with the rules over your head as a reminder, increases your fears, and makes you even “Less Secure”.

We started out (as Humanity) in every Country with very limited rules and regulations. We really did not need written rules to evaluate if killing another human being was wrong. Nor did we need anything written to evaluate that theft was wrong. We merely needed do decide on a “Fair Punishment”, and that punishment should not extend to everyone, just because of “Isolated Incidents”. Those incidents need to be dealt with, and everyone would be in agreement with that. They and they alone should be punished, and not the Majority.

Propaganda, and Fear, and more Propaganda meant to increase Fear is what we have allowed happening to Humanity. People wanting overall CONTROL of the masses used these fears and propaganda to push their agenda’s. They learned that if they could get control of a VAST MAJORITY of the information spread to the population, and promoted their fears and propaganda, they could manipulate the masses while suppressing the TRUTH.

In today’s age, we enter a new realm of the Internet. For those interested in research, they no longer need to fall into the propaganda of the Mass Media Promotions which are (at this point) owned and run by “Single Agenda Entities of Control”.

We can be free to think. We can evaluate better with more information on our tables. We can (as we have the tool of the Internet) not only learn, but to call out the falsehoods and the agendas promoted, and we can move away from so many RULES.

We can, with our technology, move away from the Control of the Energy Cartels, and of the Elite Structure which has been perpetrated on Mankind. We can DEMAND freedom and liberty! If the Government wants to put RULES on us, we can reject those rules, by mass disobedience, and protest. We can make it very hard for those people of Control to continue to force us into a tighter box, removing more and more of our Liberty and Freedom, as they have always done.

Mankind has the opportunity to stand up now, and fight them. We should not, and MUST NOT sing songs on their behalf which are forcing us all down the path of MORE RULES.

When it comes to Humanity, Less is More.

Much of our “Liberty of Thought” has been destroyed and weakened by Propaganda Promotion and Suppression.  The fact that a “Vast Majority” did not know the real reasons why our forefathers fought in WWI or WWII or why we have troops right now in the Middle East is Totally Due To This Suppression and Propaganda Promotion.

With the Internet, we find that we can research these subjects, and honestly, I don’t care what your beliefs are when you enter the research realm, simply because they will certainly change after you have done it.

Many (if not most) of your perceptions will change, based on what you research.  Sometimes, if focused on one and only one promoted perception of reality, you will come away still with the same opinion, no matter the fact that it may be misled.  You may find more to entrench you in your initial belief.  Yet a weighing factor should be a debate.  You cannot really cut off all debate on a subject and allow a fair conclusion.  This is really in your face displayed with:


There is just too much evidence of the fraud of the Holocaust to pass laws against debate on the topic!

If you are confused by this statement, then you will find plenty of debate points here on hollowhoax, and you might wish to pick one of the topics listed in “About”.

Discussion and debate are not the only things being banned because of this injustice either.  The pushing of the term “Anti-Semitic” and laws to prevent a boycott of Israel are either on the books or in the works to be on the books, all based on this injustice.  One thing that is not “Illegal Yet” (but don’t hold your breath) is the Official Story on 911.

This too will not ever go away, until the subject is brought properly to the table and debated.  Coincidently, it falls into the same agenda of the same people who are promoting the Holocaust and getting laws passed to prevent debate or discussion of the topic, with PLENTY of evidence contrary to the “Official Story”.


10 min Audio Example of this


The point in this website is to expose the debate topics which are suppressed and banned.  No conspiracy theories about it.  911, Official Story or not IS a conspiracy theory.  It either was a conspiracy for Middle Eastern Hijackers to infiltrate the USA and cause mass destruction at a rate that would be noticed by the entire World, causing a mass hysteria, or it was a “False Flag Operation”.  Either way, that is a conspiracy theory.

It either is a conspiracy theory of Adolf Hitler to take over and Control the Entire World, or it was a conspiracy theory of Zionists to label Adolf Hitler with this agenda.  Either way, this was a conspiracy theory.  Which was it?  That is the only real question.

We have all heard what Mainstream Media and Governments have told us for the last Century, as per their promotions of “Said Truth”, but they hid all the other evidence from us that argued those “promoted conspiracy theories”.  Just that fact alone should make you wonder what they were hiding.

It is time for Humanity to take their own Liberty and Freedom into the palms of their own hands, and do “personal research” without being guided.  Were the laws implemented based on their “promoted fears” justified?  Is there an argument to be made that without this “false propaganda promotion” that some laws hold no real weight for humanity, but more importantly for you?

If you have the time, I urge you to watch:

This One Hour/20 Min Video made for this site



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