Will you give your “Heads” a shake?

walk away

Frustrated?  You should be!  Your Political System


bought and paid for

This is not just a problem facing the US of A

It is a problem Worldwide, and it is set up to be that way.  There was one person who stood up and tried to make a change, but that time has come and gone.  It may be too late to cry over “Spilt Milk”, but at least you can learn the truth before you proceed and:


You cannot possibly make a change in your future

Unless you educate yourself on Humanities Past

The problem with Agenda’s and Propaganda is that it leads you down the wrong road to begin to fix something which stands on a fantasy in the first place.  You should be asking yourself:

how did we get here

For every moment you spend debating Republican/Democrat

And being part of the “Dog & Pony Show”

You waste your time!  As people have been debating these unimportant issues for Centuries and they got you to where you are right NOW!


Are you going to debate who said it?

OR if it is relevant as to who?

There is an agenda.  I have posted links all throughout hollowhoax to show you what the agenda is and why.  I am not going to explain it all in one post as the amount of research you need to do, is massive, and it takes more than one post to explain it all.  Yet to sum up, the people with an agenda have “so far” gotten their way, and you are all now part of the show.  What show? Do I really need to tell you?  Perhaps you are just not looking?

dog and pony show

If you ask me “If not either of them, then who?”

My Answer is:


Start thinking of you, and think about your own education.  Everything will fall into place.  Think about how you get away from the Propaganda.  Think about how you wish not to participate in the show anymore.  Find other people online, in your community that agree with you, and be part, take part, in every way you can &






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