WWII Propaganda Cartoon

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Propaganda Films of WWII

Notice they never say why the War started. There is no defense of it. A Corridor in Poland. Something so important but it does not exist today. Not a mention of this at all. Its as if Germany struck first France and then Britain for no reason whatsoever. Its as if Hitler declared War on them first, and not the other way around. No mention. Nothing. Then we go into Norway, which Hitler conquered first. He knew that Britain was going to use it to invade. Yet in this Propaganda film, it is as if the Germans just broke through the French defenses, which they never did. They went around them. In retaliation to the French and British declaration of War, Hitler quickly wanted to make mincemeat of both of them, and he did. There was no airpower really in Norway. Some limited bases, yes, but Germany just took over all the ports before the British got there, as Hitler had advance notice of the plan. It was a dumb plan of Churchill, who blamed Chamberlain for it and ran a Campaign after all of this to win a Prime Ministers race. With Zionist backing, he got that Job. Nothing mentioned of this. Just negate the facts. Next, we go into Dunkirk, where Hitler did not use Major Offensive Forces to kill off the retreating British. If he had, they would have all been wiped out. Hitler wanted Peace, and immediately after invading Poland, he offered both the French and British to withdraw from all but the disputed Corridor (which again no longer exists) and the answer from the French and British was War. Quite a significant thing to leave out of this Propaganda Film eh?
There was no BIG campaign of British Planes beating off the Germans at Dunkirk as the British escaped. They escaped because Hitler let them, and then immediately offered another Peace Proposal to end all hostilities. Pull out of France, and the disputed Corridor (which no longer remains) he would keep. That and that only. Pull out of Poland (again) totally. Yet Churchill, fully funded by Zionists, and nothing but a worthless Drunk Street Person (about to be, as he was bankrupt) was now exhaled to the office of Prime Minister with a mission to destroy Germany, no matter the cost! That was his pact with the Zionists! So Churchill would not accept the Peace Proposal, nor would he allow publication of it, or to accept any envoy from Germany to present it. Finally, after Hitler had pamphlets dropped off all over London, showing the Peace Proposal to the Citizens, appealing to Humanity, Churchill ordered a War Crime. He sent Bombers to bomb city after city in Germany, and each time Hitler stood down. Admonished by all of his people and Generals from not striking out in revenge, he finally acted in the Battle of Britain. All the time still pushing Peace Proposals. All the time falling on deaf ears. The War should have ended, right there and then, but Churchill was obligated to his Zionist Benefactors, and the millions of lives cost afterward, fall in the lap of Winston Churchill.

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