The Truth of Star of Remphan

Thinking Zionists have “Biblical Backing”?  Think again

This is just not blind Faith but we humans are no doubt being deceived and most definitely diverted. If you research all “holy books” without being bias, you will come to realize it is all magic! Especially blood magic betrays Christians and Catholics. It is written throughout the holy bible… I.e. Why else would the Catholics drink the blood of Christ and ingest the body of Christ? Let’s just think about this for a moment but the important part is to leave your emotions out of it.  There is so much power (of our past) in Religion, that it has often been used to deceive.  Early Jews deceived with it, Christians used it, the Catholic Church used it, and the Zionists (from their outset) saw the power of deception.  They not only have documented their desires to use deception, and not only have used deception, but they even use it in their logo’s.

15 Minute Video