The future of Mankind


I only use Einstein, as people use him as a validity

Yet in my opinion, there were far smarter Men than Albert, like that of Nikola Tesla or even Einstein’s Wife that you could take great quotes from.  Still, I think Humanity is at a serious crossroad.

Things are not going to get better from here. You are right about Sports if you see it as Manipulation of the Masses, and that has been used since the Roman Days to promote Patriotism and Pride and the Military Industrial Complex.  Today it is not even thought of as the Evil Promotion it is.  Competitiveness and the promotion of “We are better than you are”, based on what?  You call it a Country.  Yet the players are not all from that Country and you know it.  You let this fantasy slip by and still feel pride in it, being a Win or a Loss for the Country when even the Country (if it was true, which it is not) should not be your real focus of importance.  Instead, your focus should be on humanity.  If you cannot jump out of “that fishbowl” yet, it still needs to be jumped out of, eventually, just the same, and at least you need to recognize that and keep it in the back of your mind.  Lines on a Map drawn by Victors of War against Humanity are not something to be proud of.


We are coming out of a time of total controlled Media, and with the Internet, it no longer can be sustained. The only question is how fast people are going to catch on, and if there is enough time to wait for them to catch on.  You have been lied to and lied to ON PURPOSE and not only do we all need to realize that as fact, but we need to stop singing those old propaganda songs!

We face Nuclear War and Global Warming. Only one is preventable and there is no way things will change on that without a Revolution, not just in the USA but Worldwide.  I am not speaking a violent one, as that is not needed, nor do I think it productive.  Certainly not future thinking.

The other needs to be dealt with, as hard and fast as can be possibly done, and although many parts of the World are seeing this clearly, and even Corporations are seeing the NO FUTURE in Fossil Fuels, we have our “Old Elite” who do not give a damn about humanity pulling virtually all the strings.

There is ONE base problem, which if it were eradicated can make a major change, but I am not sure if it is possible. A boycott Worldwide might work, but it is really iffy. That one underlying issue is Zionism.

Buycott – Barcode Scanner

Until or IF people wake up to their absolute frauds, call a card a card, and rebel against this onslaught of fraud, manipulation, and control, there is no chance of humanities survival on BOTH (not just one) fronts. Zionism needs to be exposed and concentrated on.

Not Jews! Not even Religion (which would be nice) but specifically the Political Philosophy and Agendas of Zionism. This is absolutely necessary to be put under the microscope for mankind.  The plans of the Greater Israel Project need to be exposed, and to be admonished and ultimately stopped!

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