Humanity without Zionism

without zionism

Their Agenda Is Not In Tune With Humanity

It’s negative, and if it is negative it is wrong and if it is Positive it is right.  In all circumstances, every time, in every situation, absolutely always!  So why are we dealing with this (as human beings, and humanity in general) this:


Superiority Complex


And not rebelling, most of all?  As humans, we have made positive advances.  We have ended Slavery (in many places but not all) and we have fought in many places for “Women’s Rights” and won (in many places but not all) and we have enabled Social Welfare for the poor (in many places but not all) and we have strived for Equality of all humans (in many places, but not all) and what exactly is stopping us from taking the:


Next Step


A long time ago, a great Author “Orson Wells” wrote 2 books that changed the future in many ways.  He (unfortunately) died too young and he was “diseased himself” by the propaganda of the day, in many ways, but in both books, he displayed the POWER of humanity over the Elite, along with the injustice, and the Elite Plans for the future of Humanity, which we should have been, and still should, be warned of and consequent of.

Since his death, many have used his books for their own Agenda.  Animal Farm was “required reading” in the USA for students, as they (the people turning the meat grinder) wanted to impress a “Red Scare” or a scare of the Communists.  Never was it even explained what Communism was, or its origin.  There were no lists given as per “Pro and Con” on the Communist System.  It was just taught that it was BAD.  Now I am not saying it wasn’t, as it was invented by Zionists and certainly it had good “selling points”, but overall, it was a system of Mass Murder and providing for the few, at the expense of the rest, and it was a really bad plan.  Yet, at least I had the ability (eventually) to analyze that.  The Analyzation of the concept of Communism was negated from the Schools, and just like “God” you were supposed to believe that it was an entity.  A bad entity at that.

Both systems (Capitalism and Communism) were based on the Elite (mostly being Zionists) taking advantage of the people.  The Citizens, who have reverted back, as they have not advanced from the Serfs they once were.  This is something our Forefathers accepted and you were taught and you are just supposed to accept it.

However, today we deal with the “Internet Generation” and for the most part, we can tear apart these past beliefs and then throw those pieces to the wind.  Well, wait?  Can we?

They have got us all into picking these “Political Parties” and for some reason, humanity is not one of our options.  Was this a mistake?  Or planned?  Either way, some of you are seeing the “Forest for the Trees”.

As Humanity moved into more caring for other human beings after WWII and allowing for what people have called “The Welfare State”. Zionism was on another trek.  How to get as much “Power and Control” over all of Humanity, and being the Ultimate Rulers of what was left over.  Some may call it an “Elite Goal”, but after WWII, the Elite and the Zionists became somewhat synonymous.  They have and are proving themselves as the enemy of Humanity, but as you see, they are just continuing and it could mean the end of US if we do not do something about it.

I am not about to “rub their noses” in the past, as we clearly cannot deal with Zionists.  They are not about to change.  I would rather state what we could have and should have if we were being human rather than “Zionist Led Humans”.

  • Universal Basic Income for all Humans

We have had enough time coming from the Cave to advance to a state where we can provide for every human being on this Planet Earth, and even if it was a loss for some of us (in a minimal way) it is more than worth it.  Humanity should be overall compassionate to all human beings.  A few links to that:

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  • Our Political System.  It Favors the Elite and it may need the Revolution to make it so.

what democracy

Our Democracies are Corrupt

Finally, we need to get in Gear and Get Moving. as we have little time left facing Global Warming and Nuclear War to Act!


Animal Farm Cartoon Movie (One Hour)


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