HollowHoax Video showing up #1 on Google!

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Good Job Humanity!  Proud of you!

As I have always said, I will not take a Penny for what I share here.  I do this for Humanity and I want no Monetary Gain whatsoever.  That would be an insult:


To Humanity!

As I am nearing the end of my lifetime, and all I wish is for me to do something REAL in order to say Goodbye.  I want to blow this Holocaust Lie “Out of the Water” and I hope that future Generations (if there is to be any), will continue on with my Goal of exposing Zionism for all it is worth.

Those who say I am “Anti-Jewish” have no leg to stand on.  I am “Anti-Religion”.  Those who say I am “Anti-Semitic” have no leg to stand on, as Semitic is a Language and I am not “Anti-Language.  Those who call me the “Zionist Hate Term” or “Nazi” are totally incorrect.  My last name is Stewart and I am Scottish.  I cannot even hold onto the indoctrination of my Clan, as my Father was an Orphan.  Yes, my blood is that of that “Scottish Royalty” that you will find in the Movie “Braveheart”, but I remain clean of any teachings from my Clan.  I am just Human.

Fighting for Humanity, as I hope you will do by sharing these posts found in HollowHoax in:




Using Control, F, on a Microsoft Computer or “Command, Fn, F on an Apple, or just using your Cell Phones and finding “About” at the bottom of each post, and sharing from the Menu Options at the top, you can search for “Key Words” and always find what you are looking for.  In any argument.  Any debate.

The links I provide will send you all over the Web, and should you find yourself blocked in Your Country or Region, I suggest you get a VPN and change your IP Address to that of Canada.  Here is a “Free Trial” I have personally found as awesome:


Free Trial VPN


Now, this being said, they may remove the video from YouTube, or make it “disclaimer first” for you to see it.


I covered that situation originally when I made it, and I have a download on my computer, and I advise you to download it yourself as well:


Sam Harris Propaganda (YouTube Version)

Same Video on Vimeo

Good Job All!  Keep Sharing from the bottom of Each Post!



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