Shadow Blocking and You

It’s Suppression to Hoodwink You

Now, who does that?

I will give you 3 Guesses and the first two Guesses don’t count.  Who spins fantasy tales with an agenda, and then goes out of their way, in every way they can, to prevent the exposure of their acts?  Who would that be Grasshopper?

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many others are using this tech and they have been using it for years already.  They have algorithms of computer design to find YOU and your comments of TRUTH, and if it should not correspond with the Zionist Agenda, they have other weapons at the ready to attack you with, other than Suspensions and Banning.  They are currently using “Face Recognition” to keep the people they ban from posting, and for the rest that they can find no good reason to ban you for, they use:


Shadow Blocking


That is where YOU and only YOU are specifically targeted, and when you comment on stuff or post in certain groups/pages/blogs/videos, you will see your comment.  Yet guess what Grasshopper?  Nobody else can!  Now you can of course check on this by having other accounts, and you can go see for yourself if your stuff is being Shadow Blocked or not.  Yet I think this important enough for you to see this happening “hands-on”, and for this purpose, I will allow:


Jake to explain it


Important as this is, I certainly call on all my “Internet Truth Warriors” to spread this around, as especially those of you who are ACTIVE, I certainly want you to be aware.