They are “Soooo” Frustrated!

As there is “Sweet Dyck” they can do about it!

Why?  Well, there are a number of reasons:

The only thing missing is an App for your Phone!  Well, I did think about that, but I think you all know well enough to be able to type in “hollowhoax.com” into any search engine or in your address bar.

When Mediums like Google + removes the post, as they did before:

It is all too easy to make up a NEW meme and simply link that post from here to it.  Easy to get past that.  I encourage people to copy the posts here and post on their own.  It is a loss for this website, as the posts are no longer tracked on the Map anymore:

But it also means that the posts are impossible for THEM to track!  They can’t stop ALL of us!  It is not just me.  No far from that, we have THOUSANDS of people sharing these posts Worldwide.  Anyone doing investigation can see clearly the “Absolute Evidence” for fraud and corruption.  There just is no way of getting around it.

When asked (myself) if I am a “Holocaust Denier”, my first answer is:


Can you tell me which one?


Then they immediately go into “Poopie-Head” calls:

Or they try to change the subject to “Moon Landings” or something.  They (especially if Zionist) will state there are PILES OF EVIDENCE for the Holocaust, but if prodded (and in the least intelligent) they are afraid to produce ONE piece of documentation or proof for this “Said Holocaust” at all.  The best they can show is hearsay.

Just a note for you, if you come into this predicament, and some Zionist quotes something that you are not familiar with, you can do 2 things:

#1 Search using a keyword by using Control F or Command, Fn F (on Apple) in:


“About” (also found on the sidebar)


#2 if for some reason your keyword is not working, and you tried more than one, I will refer you to:

The IHR Search Engine


Use this especially if you are looking for a document.  If it has been debunked (as they all have) you certainly should find that document reference there.

Don’t let people “Spam You”

This is common for the real “Brain Dead” especially!  They will spam you with a bunch of photos of dead bodies, with of course no explanation of how they died, or FAKED photos, which I have outlined some of Here:


Just SOME of the fakes


When I say there is “No Evidence” for “Said Holocaust”, I mean there is really no evidence for anything claimed at Nuremberg whatsoever.  It was the biggest “Kangaroo Court of Pure Fraud” ever waged!   I even made a post on it (of course):

The Evidence of Fraud at Nuremberg


Yet what is really telling (or should be) is all that was hidden.  Like the broken codes by the British of the Enigma Machine reporting back to Berlin (supposedly confidentially) the daily tally of prisoners in the camps, the deaths, the food shipped in, coal for the crematoriums and every other kind of shipment, along with the “Productivity Reports” in all the Camps.  Would this not be important information to produce at trial?  Yes, I guess you could say that it was too “Top Secret” for the information to be submitted in 1945, but in reality, the fact that they confirm the German Records (finally released in the 1980’s) is quite telling that it was more important to the British to continue to promote the lie at the time. Certainly, the Red Cross was silenced during the Trial, which would confirm or deny claims, as they had access to the German Camps.  Yet, just as with the broken codes of the Enigma Machine, these were not subpoenaed for the trial.  You would have a hard time labelling them Top Secret but eventually, they were released, and you will find them in the many posts here in hollowhoax.  Just have a look at “About” and for you Cell phone users, you will find it at the bottom.

Yet it is not the information so much…

What I am outlining in this post is that hollowhoax is a hub for you to rely on, and steal from and share from which cannot be stopped.  I (by designing it the way I have) was able to cut off their suppression abilities and even if something you post from here gets blocked, don’t worry.  Just make up a new Meme and link the post from here to that Meme.  If you want to be really devious (like a Zionist) you might use a Meme of a Beautiful Woman or a Cute Puppy.  The lame Moderators never read the posts.  They merely look at Memes.

We will win this War for Humanity without a shot being fired!  Education is all that is needed!