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decency of humanity

Are you frustrated with the people who will NOT look but HATE just the same?

So am I Grasshopper.  You must feel sorry for the uneducated, and their way will never accomplish anything. I think that people generally (humans that is) don’t blame other people (humans) for their plight. They blame the Governments. As everyone (I do not care where you live) hates their Government. It bothers me when people keep picking on the wrong enemy. Blaming the Victim. The innocent. They scream “Sharia Law” and in reality, religion (by force or by belief) is a system of control. Given the choice, a vast majority would gladly leave it behind, if the truth were known.

They have respect for their Elders, their Family Members, their Friends, and wanting to fit in, they conform or they ignore, but they remain quiet, in order not to cause conflict.

The Biggest Threat To Our Future is Common Belief

As in the past, this idea of “fitting in” with the people surrounding you may get your acceptance.  Yet it also enables the false belief systems to run rampant throughout society.  If you choose first to…

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and more than anything OPEN YOUR MIND while throwing away everything you once believed, to re-evaluate later as you go through an “Internet Learning Process”, I can almost bet money on the fact that we will all come to the same conclusions.

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The Rich and the wealthy have always been taking a different route to get educated. For over 700 years, the wealthy were always 10 steps ahead of the poor it terms of education. But in the recent years, thanks to the internet age, the access to the wealthy education is now even possible. And no, we’re not talking about the 4-year college education. In fact, the 4-year college degree is considered the poor people’s education today. Don’t get blinded by the false social norms. That’s EXACTLY where the large corporate wealthy entities want you to believe to continue supplying them of human capital and employees.

You see the future being something not discussed

The Elite have always wanted to stay Elite by keeping the Masses as “Dumbed Down” as possible, enabling them to not be the “movers and shakers” but to do the menial jobs given to them by the Elite, with their Elite Rules, and following their Elite System of Control.  YOU NEED TO JUMP OUT OF THAT GRASSHOPPER!


If it is Wealth that you want, the “Old Ways” of attaining that Wealth is not going to be available to you in the future.  As a Salesman, I learned this years ago when I began researching Sales.  The old books written in the past did not always apply.  Possible mentors like…


and his “I like you balloons” (for those familiar with the book) may have made him money in his time and under his circumstances.  Yet in reality, these principals no longer applied in today’s world.  What many of the books I read on selling were good for was selling books and selling a dream which could be achieved if you did not follow the formula set out for you, as it was old and tired and defunct in the present day.  What was good, however, was the insight.  How to be innovative.  How to be different, and how it is the differences which catch people’s eye that might work for you if they do catch on.  Some did, and some are not applicable to you.  The “Pet Rock” took off and sold, not because of a “Great Salesman”, but certainly Salespeople were necessary in the promotion.  It was merely something that made sense at that time and caught on as a fad.  You will find few “Pet Rocks” out there today, and certainly, you may form the conclusion that there is a “Market Nitch” there that you might tap into.  Yet I doubt you would find success in selling pet rocks today.  It worked then, yes.  All the necessary ingredients of the Universe came together at that time in history to allow for the pet rock to become a money maker!  It was strange and new, and kinda crazy, and a fad.  Everybody else was getting one, so you wanted one too.  Much the same is being played out (the everybody else part) in the Cell Phones of today, where a vast majority get iPhones.  Are they better than other phones?  No.  Are they easier to get or cheaper than other phones of better quality?  No.  They are popular because most of your friends have one, or your family members or your co-workers have them, and you wish to fit in with everyone else.  Well?  See?  By doing that you become a prospect of being insignificant. You are not going to be a “mover and a shaker”, but just one of the Sheep that follow along with what everybody else does.

Perhaps looking at “Wealth Itself” and seeing what it really does for you, and making the evaluation on whether “Monetary Wealth” is something worthwhile for you to achieve or not, might be a good starting point.  Is to be human to have wealth?  Are humans with wealth better people?  Do you respect or disrespect wealth?  Why not start there?

Humans of any Race or Religion are not ALL “A”.

This is a little game the Elite like to play on you.  Give you a label to hate, and if it fits their agenda, promote it as “All Of Them”.   Zionists have been doing it for years with:



Have they gotten YOU to sing their songs for them?  They have been successful in many cases.  You see it all around you on the Internet.  Not so much in the “Zionist Controlled Mainstream Media”, as if they did that, they could retain no credibility.  Mainstream Media needs to be subtle in their promotions.  Some things they can get away with, like saying “Holocaust” and never giving an explanation as to what that means or calling people “Terrorists”.  That they can get away with.  Yet they know that if they came right out and said “we must stop these terrorist Muslims”  that their credibility would fall into the toilet almost (if not) immediately.  They promote fear and hatred instead with stuff you may have never researched, and they certainly don’t want to help you research in any way, using terms like Nazi or Fascist or Communism or Dictator.   These are the terms they use to drum up hate.  You are just supposed to go more in-depth on your own and in your communities spouting the crap that they are not saying, but promoting just the same, that:

This Race or Religion or Political Philosophy is Purely Evil, “meaning all” and that is the label you should use.


Yet it is not true.  It is their “Elite Promotion” for War and Hatred which is true.  Nothing less.  So don’t fall down that “Rabbit Hole”.  You can be more educated than they are with the Internet.  Eventually, you will laugh at their promotions, as you will see how much of a fraud they really are.  Yet you are not going anywhere promoting what they say to be true.  Their purpose is to lie and have control over all lies and to get you to sing their songs. If you are singing ANY of their songs, then you are not only discrediting yourself, but you are no use to Society whatsoever.  Certainly, some of the things they may report on could be important for you to know, and to understand, but don’t fall into their big Con Jobs.  After all, they are the ones who promoted:

  • WWI
  • WWII
  • The Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • 911 being a Terrorist attack of Muslims
  • WMD’s in Iraq
  • The Dictator Ghadafi
  • The Dictator Saddam
  • Bin Laden the Monster Superman

Ohh, and I am just touching the “Tip” of the Iceberg right now.  Just look at what they are going to be “somehow” promoting soon:

It’s around the corner, and how will they “sell you” on this one?



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