It is time to create “Humanity Mediums”


Quite often I see Millionaires and Billionaires giving money to Charity.

Forget the Tax Write-offs,  why not do it for Humanity?

What do YOU want to be remembered for after you are gone?

Time to step up to the Plate!

We need a new video option. Those of you who would like to share yours (which is unsuppressed) please DO!

The first step was getting people to move away from Facebook. Next, we need to attack the Video Sharing, as YouTube is Censoring way too much! Recently they just removed all of Alex Jones stuff, and whether you like him or not, this is an assault on Humanity in general.

I myself (along with others) have had to produce videos they were suppressing on Vimeo, yet Vimeo will only allow you to upload so much before paying them. We need another free service like YouTube (who makes PILES of money from Ads) in which you can upload YouTube Videos and from other sources, and publish them, without fear of them being “Restricted or Limited” or deleted altogether.

We need a Programmer with enough knowledge to create this new World for us. Some entity (like MeWe) that stands for Free Speech and will not allow the Zionists to creep in and take control! Is that you?

I am going to share this around until we find you. Until then, please leave in comments your other video uploading links. Seemit is good but kinda complicated. We need something like YouTube, making it easy for everyone to upload and share at will, along with a comment on.

We don’t need crap hidden from our “Wittle Ewyes” as we are strong enough to decide what we wish to look at, and what we don’t.

I did another blog on this

Yet, seriously, what is the “Nay Sayers” saying?  You know, unlike them, I will give them their format and their time to state their case, which they will not do for me.


Ana, take it away!


Now you had your say and “as usual” I am shadow blocked from responding to you on my account.  Kinda hits home eh?  Don’t understand “Shadow Blocking”?

Shadow Blocking


Anyway, continuing on, I have given Ana her time, and the Medium she is using is “Shadow Blocking Comments” and so you cannot dispute what she says, and this is Censorship about Censorship, as Ana says it is “NOT” Censorship.  Well, it is!

I am not going to take a stand on “Sandy Hook” for or against.  Alex is not the only one talking about it, and a simple “Google Search” will show you that.  He is a big name with a big audience, and so they decided to pick on him.  Ok fine.  They can take him to Court as they have, and he will be found Guilty or Innocent.  Does that mean that we should not see what all the “hoopla” is about?  We did not do anything wrong.  Why are we being punished in research?

Yet YOU Ana, can spout “Holocaust” as a passing accusation and treat it as a “Known Fact” and never produce any evidence for it on a regular basis.  So if Alex Jones is promoting “Hatred” as you call it, then what is promoting the “Holocaust” for?  Is it not simply promoting “Hatred” against Germans?  We could go into the deep end of the investigation to see if Alex Jones is right about what he preaches, and you do not care if anything he says is valid, as you refuse to research it.  Just like you refuse to research your “Said Holocaust” that you constantly promote.

No, it is simply because you believe that “Alex Jones” is promoting hatred and violence against a certain group of people, that you find it to be “justified” to have his videos and information taken off the Net, right?  Isn’t that your point Ana?

Ok, well let’s apply that to you too.  You are promoting a hatred against Germans, and we do not even have to investigate it as you do not investigate Alex Jones, as it is the promotion of HATE AND VIOLENCE that we have an issue within the promotion of your fantasy Holocaust.  Is it any different?  Yes.

Yours is WORSE Ana!

As it has been used for the justification for the State of Israel and the Genocide of Palestinians at a much greater rate and amount than anything that Alex Jones is responsible for!  Deny that?

Now with that said, I would have to say that it would be best to research BOTH Alex Jones’s claims, and dispute them piece by piece, pointing out that he is not only wrong but using this false belief to promote a violent agenda.  Yet you should also be researching the Holocaust to see if YOU are justified in believing crap you have never researched, before you start going on and on about it being “Common Knowledge” as your only back up for the Mass Death it promotes, in a far worse way than that of Alex Jones, and then we should maybe be asking if just like Alex that “You Too” and your Channel be banned as well.  Huh?


Feel Free to Respond Ana, as I don’t Censor!


This is why we need a new Medium, Webmasters!  Do it for Humanity.  Go to your Deathbead creating something you are proud of doing for Humanity, and not for the money!  I certainly will be proud of what I have done.

And, just like that, I got one!

Right after I posted this, I got lead to a link that does not Censor Videos, and here we go:

You can be sure when they allow this one

Now Get on there Team and start uploading videos!  I will keep you updated if I find better



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