How we doin’ in mid Aug 2018?

I made it “Tricky” for dem Zionists

From time to time (usually at the end of the Month or in the Middle (as here) I will display the top stats.  I cannot display the big picture as it would take up too much room on a Meme, but I can display the top stats anyway.  You might need to “Zoom” in to read them, but they are here for you to see.


Ohh yes, and we are making more headway than this!


You see, I hope people copy the posts and make their own.  Those would be untrackable on my stats here.  Also, nobody is required to be a Member, and so Zionists clicking on the membership roles will give them no real information.  Anyone can read here, and at most, they might need a:


VPN to see the site


They cannot possibly know how much of this information is being spread, and sure, they can find a link included in one of the posts, and block it, but then I will find where they did that (eventually) and replace it, and they will not know that I did that.  LOL.

It is mainly videos that they block from Zionist Owned Mediums like YouTube, but that is ok, as I try to create as much stuff HERE as needed, and if a video is blocked, you can simply go searching for what I am talking about on YouTube or in other Mediums like Vimeo to find it.  If I feel it is information which presently exists on a Website which can be shut down, or is really “Toxic” towards Zionists, I may simply re-create the posting in full, as I did here with the German Camp Records:

Camp Records in Full


You can search for the topics on the site (from past posts) using keywords.  Simply go to “About” (sidebar or at the bottom or in a drop-down from the top) and using “Ctrl F” for some devices or “Command, fn, F” for Apple, you will get your needed search engine to find stuff in:



Since the site encompasses both full text and documentation, along with links to other places on the web where you can find the documentation, at best Zionists can do is to block a link or a site.  Yet they will not be able to block it all, and especially when you “Internet Warriors” do copy the posts from here and produce your own.

I also make sure that NO MONEY is taken in by this website, and so there is nothing they can harm me with financially for posting the truth.  I have gone “Out Of My Way” to make this “Un-Suppressive-Able”.

I also link to other Social Media which is free from suppression, like:




No more need for Facebook Suppression at all.  So, for those of you Warriors who are spreading the Word Worldwide, (and hopefully stealing from here), I present how we are doing overall.  As we can win this War for Humanity, with simple Education, and there is no need for a shot to be fired.

Don’t worry about the people who will not look!

They are lost anyway.