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Trying to keep it relevant.  Many of my “Allies” who post on the Holocaust would like me to “focus” a little more on specific events, but I think it better to make it all relevant for all of today’s issues.  As the Zionist Agenda needs to be exposed for what it is, but still, in order to do that, I feel it must be relevant to today as well.

Certainly, it could be said that the Holocaust laid the groundwork for the biggest future frauds in history, and it is more than relevant.  Not knowing how Zionism came to be, who they are, and how they “hoodwinked” is very important for understanding today.

Still, today, the same things are going on, and with the Internet, their main tool of control of the Media is diminishing as they fight back.  Suppression has always been their key, and today “Censorship” is the only real tool they have left.  As you can see with Facebook and YouTube Censorship, along with others, they are fighting like mad to keep the “dumbed down”, dumbed down, while continuing as well to promote more lies in a storm which is meant to encompass your mind.

A few ways out, I promote here.  Namely:

Social Media Escape.

MeWe I have spent some time on and can affirm that the Censorship is either irrelevant or for the most part eradicated.  If you should decide to “jump out” of Facebook and other domains of “Social Media Suppression”, MeWe is a good place to start.

It will not move as quickly as Facebook when you first join.  You need to join a bunch of Groups and “Create Your Own”, building a friends base etc.  This will take time, but overall I think it is worth it.

mewe almost full speed

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 9.09.10 AM

Direct Link to the Above Group on MeWe


Bitchute (an uncensored link to videos)

I just joined this, as it came highly recommended.  It is a place for uncensored video’s and especially when you get video’s like this one, without disclaimers, you know that to be true:

Video Link to 1/3rd of the Holocaust

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 9.15.44 AM


Now in sharing stuff, you may find that some Countries that you share to, or even Regions do not allow stuff from here or other uncensored places.  For that, you need a VPN.  Anything I produce here is done in Canada which is visible.  There are many VPN’s to pick from, yet I find this “Free Trial” to work the best if for you this is a regular occurrence.  Simply change your computer (or phone) IP Address to that of Canada to view anything you find here.  If still blocked, let me know, as sometimes my links get taken down and I need to replace them with new links.  You help out all of Humanity when you let me know.


VPN Trial Download


Do not miss all that is here!

I have hundreds of posts and each with links and documentation in them, along with Videos.  You can use this following link to “About” in order to find all the archives, and once there you can search for “Keywords”.  On your phone, in the upper right-hand corner is a dropdown of options which you can “Find in Page” or if using a laptop, a tablet, or a computer, use (once at the page) Cntrl F or Command, fn, F (for Apple) to search for keywords.


About Link Here


Yet what is most important is that you share.  Share Worldwide, and don’t limit your sharing to “one medium”.  At the bottom of each post, I have links to various Social Media platforms that you can share too.  Please share more than once, when you do share, as I hope you do and share often.



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