One thought on “Everything will be perfect as long as you keep sharing!”

  1. I keep referring people to you site from YT when possible. Thank you for your dedication to this. You are one in the world who really knows and shares. Unafraid and very knowledgeable. People have to see what is coming by looking at the past, and need to stop this train.
    We must get dual citizens out of our government. Last year the House passed a Bill to make it a felony to support boycotting of Israel with up to 20 year prison sentence, and the Senate nearly passed it. It would also carry a $250K fine. End of free speech. We must pass a bill for no dual citizens in our government. Just came across a list of how many in critical positions a couple years ago. If you don’t have it I can copy and past it but likely some changes and likely more dual citizens now. No other country allow this.
    Thanks James.

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