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Yet it has been Proven to me that Michael Jackson was not guilty of anything!  A Zionist takedown of a Great Artist and a loss to us all!


Yeah I know it is hard!  Really hard!  It is tough beyond belief!

Yet being true to yourself has more meaning.  Do the “Right Thing” no matter how other people react.  Always be true to yourself!  Never allow that negative influence to penetrate your brain as otherwise THEY WIN and obviously you lose!

Yet it is worse than that.  They are living in such a “Negative World” which they cannot escape, and they wish to bring you into it!

Ohh no Grasshopper!  You need to develop a “Negative Shield”.

That is something impenetrable!  You design it on your own.  Yet I can give you the Mantra…

“Say it over and over again in your mind, nomatter what!  Say, If it is Negative it is wrong and if it is Positive it is right!  Always!  All the time!  In every Situation!”

And that still might not work!  As you are dealing with Negativity Beyond Belief, and it is in every corner and all around you.  It is a constant fight!

Yet Grasshopper stay true to your Principals!  Be true to yourself.  Do not let them get through your “Negative Shield” and they will try.

I have defeated them before, and they just hate it!  All you need is your own “Mental Shield” and that is…

Do I need to repeat it?

Don’t let The “Smooth Criminals” beat you!



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