First 6 Months of 2019 Hollowhoax Stats

2019 6 months stats

Good Job All! Less work on my part, better stats than…


Last Year!


And we are keeping it going! One person can tell 5.  Educate 10. Free 100!  People are catching on, all over social media, but the “Heavy Hitters” are still using bullshit terms like “Anti-Semitic” and Holocaust. <=== As if anything claimed has any base in reality!

Just remember to search for links in “About” found on the sidebar, and continue to share what astounds you.  As it did me. As it will your friends.



One thought on “First 6 Months of 2019 Hollowhoax Stats”

  1. I used to have a large number of friends on Facebook, over three hundred and would share a lot but FB shut me down and after I started a petition for the ICC to prosecute Netanyahu for Crimes against the Universal Human Rights of the Palestinians, as voted by the UN unanimously in October 2016, I got over a hundred signature in half a day, then I was decommissioned. FB Ministers demanded I allow them to go into my computer with Kapersky and audit my computer to make sure I was not giving them a virus. Right. Well I said no, and then I did not answer any more demands. They refuse to close my account and say I have to sign on to sign off, which gives them a wack at my computer. I am not stupid, but they track me now and my Avast Security Program shows they are following all the sites I go to. I am her incognito at this moment. Free speech dying in America as YT is now also auditing comments and now allowing certain information to be posted. So be ready to face the music as it is marching down the road with the RFID chips made at 666 Fifth Ave., New York City by Trumps Son-in-Law,. Cannot believe too when I see the Jesuits rounded up next to Trump when he is sitting at his desk as if they are ready to grab his hand to sign certain document and keep him from signing others. Who is in charge now? Glad I am a senior but the whole situation is not looking good for the next five years. Thanks for all you do and glad I found you still up and sharing so much. I have looked for you and suddenly today got my dream come true. Just added your site to a link today and endorsed that people will check it out and will continue to do so in my comments now and then on YT. I have few friends to pass on to now as when you grow older your contacts seem to thin out.
    You are on top of it all and hope it keeps going. Still same old email you would send a notice of something new so feel free to continue as well. You have the truth as the world does not know.
    One question is why would Angela Merkel allow the world to bash her father and to present to the German people he was a monster. She has stolen vast sums of guilt money from the Germans for something that didn’t happen. I have read she is one of the most powerful people in the world. Don’t understand why. She prosecutes truth tellers, historians, and Ursela Haverbeck is still in prison serving her third year I believe, hopefully to be released this summer. A courageous woman who I admire so much but YT has silenced her. All her videos removed from TY or else titled too sensitive for public viewing. The truth too sensitive.
    We have Israel ministers who now monitor YT so that tells the tale. They caved in to Netanyahu’s recommendations to start monitoring the information that Americans can hear. Do try to find some articles or videos of and about her and post the truth by this former prisoner of Auschwitz, as she testified for a 94 year old officer being prosecuted for crimes she told the court did not happen. For that she got a three year prison sentence. She was having medical problem s when she went into prison under armed guards, just turned 90 at that time I believe but has a fan club who will watch out for her over there. Hope she is released in good health. She is determined that the truth be told, and was punished for it. I love my photo of her with the quote from her, “Rise up, my comrades, to horse! to horse!” She has beautiful soul.
    Best to you James. Good work, Comrade.

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