Why do people hate Jews?


Campaign against Anti-Semitism?

First of all, you need to grab your dictionary and look up Semite. Semitic is a language and by adding “Anti” as a prefix, does not change Semitic from being a language. Being Anti-Dog means you do not like dogs. Being Anti-White means you do not like white people. Anti-Semitic therefore means you do not like the Semitic Language. This should be obvious, but it is used to confuse by Zionists, attempting to confuse the matter even more by stating the Jews are a race, which they are not. As per Religion, there are many sects of Judaism, and the NEWEST is Zionism. Judaism and its many other sects have lived for thousands of years before Zionism. When Zionism came to be, it was not accepted by over 90% of the Jewish People. Yet it was a sect that “Proclaimed Itself” as speaking for all of the Jewish People just the same. Many of the Jewish sects of past have been admonished throughout the World for the simplest of things, like a belief by Christians that Jews murdered Jesus. Yet this is today not much a factor, with many realizing that Jesus never existed, and there is little from the Bible which you can take literally. The rest who still believe heavily in the Garbage preached by Christianity is for the most part fine with the Jewish People. Only the most “radical” of them still have a hatred of them, based on this misinformed belief.

However, what has been real and constant from the Jewish Communities throughout history which makes the general population dislike them, to the point where they have been expelled over and over again from Countries is their use and promotion of “Usery” or “charging interest for money loaned”. It has been banned in most Countries of the World in some part of their history, as it is destructive, and ends up creating money from nothing. Enriching the Jewish People (who are often the lenders) and impoverishing the peoples in general. Making them slaves to the Jews.

Another issue is their manipulation and lies. Yet in this case, the Zionists (who are the newest formed) have taken up most of this practice. They have proclaimed, not only do they speak for ALL Jews (which they clearly do not) but they lay claim to Palestine, stating scripture as justification when there IS no such justification. The Torah allows for no State as a Promised Land until their people are good in the eyes of their Lord, and specifically AFTER their Messiah comes. As a matter of fact, well past that fact, the vast majority of Zionists are not “blood Jews” at all and the documentation (along with DNA) points out they are Ashkenazi and Khazar by blood. These people ADOPTED the Jewish Religion (in its new Zionist form) as a tool to promote their agenda. The Zionists are responsible for:

  • Communism
  • The Bolshevik Revolution murdering 10s of Millions (mostly Christians)
  • The Banking Cartel of the Rothschilds
  • The Scofield Bible and its hoodwinking of Christians to believe in their “Promised Land” being justifiable and part of (if not all of) Palestine, along with Islamophobia, all based on fraud.
  • The Balfour Declaration (and the WWI outcome destroying Germany)
  • The Economic War of “Judea Declares War on Germany” and their Jewish Boycott of German Goods after the rise to power of the National Socialists and Hitler
  • Their part of the “Transfer Agreement” from Germany to settle German Zionists in Palestine
  • The backing and control of Churchill forcing the start and continuation of WWII and the millions killed
  • The Lobbying Efforts and Success of getting the USA to enter both World Wars using False Flags and other deceptions.
  • The refusal to help Non-Zionist Jews in peril (like the German Labor Camps) unless they agreed to adopt Zionism and move to Palestine.
  • The manipulation of and the Control of Western Mass Media
  • The promotion of the “Holocaust” as it continues today with NO evidence for anything (of past) claimed
  • The Genocide of Palestinians and their acts of land grabs in Palestine against International Law
  • Sympathy money pushed for their “tales of fraud like the Holocaust” netting them over 13 Trillion Worldwide so far.
  • Their lobbying of the USA to fight Wars for them in the Middle East, making way for their “Greater Israel Project”.
  • Laws in over 20 Countries outlawing any denial of their “fantasy holocaust”.
  • The ultimate disarray caused by mass migration and conflicts lobbied for and promoted by Zionists

All this from a people who are not even REAL BLOOD JEWS. Claiming a right to land should not be a “given” because of ANY Religious Book or beliefs, but in the case of the Zionists, it is not their book, or their real belief, as Zionism is NOT a race or religion. It is a Political Philosophy.

The research is all here on Hollowhoax.  You can find many posts (including relevant links to evidence inside) in:



Even if Zionism has been ingrained into your psyche to the point where you have not or will not research all these things, simply 30 seconds from Yale should get you to think.


Israeli’s are NOT Israelites

The Truth of Star of Remphan

Star of Remphan

Thinking Zionists have “Biblical Backing”?  Think again

This is just not blind Faith but we humans are no doubt being deceived and most definitely diverted. If you research all “holy books” without being bias, you will come to realize it is all magic! Especially blood magic betrays Christians and Catholics. It is written throughout the holy bible… I.e. Why else would the Catholics drink the blood of Christ and ingest the body of Christ? Let’s just think about this for a moment but the important part is to leave your emotions out of it.  There is so much power (of our past) in Religion, that it has often been used to deceive.  Early Jews deceived with it, Christians used it, the Catholic Church used it, and the Zionists (from their outset) saw the power of deception.  They not only have documented their desires to use deception, and not only have used deception, but they even use it in their logo’s.


18 Minute Video

WWII Propaganda Cartoon

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.30.12 PM

Propaganda Films of WWII

Notice they never say why the War started. There is no defense of it. A Corridor in Poland. Something so important but it does not exist today. Not a mention of this at all. Its as if Germany struck first France and then Britain for no reason whatsoever. Its as if Hitler declared War on them first, and not the other way around. No mention. Nothing. Then we go into Norway, which Hitler conquered first. He knew that Britain was going to use it to invade. Yet in this Propaganda film, it is as if the Germans just broke through the French defenses, which they never did. They went around them. In retaliation to the French and British declaration of War, Hitler quickly wanted to make mincemeat of both of them, and he did. There was no airpower really in Norway. Some limited bases, yes, but Germany just took over all the ports before the British got there, as Hitler had advance notice of the plan. It was a dumb plan of Churchill, who blamed Chamberlain for it and ran a Campaign after all of this to win a Prime Ministers race. With Zionist backing, he got that Job. Nothing mentioned of this. Just negate the facts. Next, we go into Dunkirk, where Hitler did not use Major Offensive Forces to kill off the retreating British. If he had, they would have all been wiped out. Hitler wanted Peace, and immediately after invading Poland, he offered both the French and British to withdraw from all but the disputed Corridor (which again no longer exists) and the answer from the French and British was War. Quite a significant thing to leave out of this Propaganda Film eh?
There was no BIG campaign of British Planes beating off the Germans at Dunkirk as the British escaped. They escaped because Hitler let them, and then immediately offered another Peace Proposal to end all hostilities. Pull out of France, and the disputed Corridor (which no longer remains) he would keep. That and that only. Pull out of Poland (again) totally. Yet Churchill, fully funded by Zionists, and nothing but a worthless Drunk Street Person (about to be, as he was bankrupt) was now exhaled to the office of Prime Minister with a mission to destroy Germany, no matter the cost! That was his pact with the Zionists! So Churchill would not accept the Peace Proposal, nor would he allow publication of it, or to accept any envoy from Germany to present it. Finally, after Hitler had pamphlets dropped off all over London, showing the Peace Proposal to the Citizens, appealing to Humanity, Churchill ordered a War Crime. He sent Bombers to bomb city after city in Germany, and each time Hitler stood down. Admonished by all of his people and Generals from not striking out in revenge, he finally acted in the Battle of Britain. All the time still pushing Peace Proposals. All the time falling on deaf ears. The War should have ended, right there and then, but Churchill was obligated to his Zionist Benefactors, and the millions of lives cost afterward, fall in the lap of Winston Churchill.

Here is the Cartoon

Will you give your “Heads” a shake?

walk away

Frustrated?  You should be!  Your Political System


bought and paid for

This is not just a problem facing the US of A

It is a problem Worldwide, and it is set up to be that way.  There was one person who stood up and tried to make a change, but that time has come and gone.  It may be too late to cry over “Spilt Milk”, but at least you can learn the truth before you proceed and:


You cannot possibly make a change in your future

Unless you educate yourself on Humanities Past

The problem with Agenda’s and Propaganda is that it leads you down the wrong road to begin to fix something which stands on a fantasy in the first place.  You should be asking yourself:

how did we get here

For every moment you spend debating Republican/Democrat

And being part of the “Dog & Pony Show”

You waste your time!  As people have been debating these unimportant issues for Centuries and they got you to where you are right NOW!


Are you going to debate who said it?

OR if it is relevant as to who?

There is an agenda.  I have posted links all throughout hollowhoax to show you what the agenda is and why.  I am not going to explain it all in one post as the amount of research you need to do, is massive, and it takes more than one post to explain it all.  Yet to sum up, the people with an agenda have “so far” gotten their way, and you are all now part of the show.  What show? Do I really need to tell you?  Perhaps you are just not looking?

dog and pony show

If you ask me “If not either of them, then who?”

My Answer is:


Start thinking of you, and think about your own education.  Everything will fall into place.  Think about how you get away from the Propaganda.  Think about how you wish not to participate in the show anymore.  Find other people online, in your community that agree with you, and be part, take part, in every way you can &




What is NATO all about?

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.16.14 AM

I personally have no respect for NATO.

I call it the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization as it has done nothing BUT terrorism and to destroy regimes without just cause. It’s “Official Name” is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it claims: NATO membership is open to “any other European state in a position to further the principles of this Treaty and to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area.” NATO also has what it calls the Membership Action Plan. It helps aspiring members prepare for membership and meet key requirements by providing practical advice and targeted assistance.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.22.58 AM

But what is it really?  Why was it formed?

This is all so simple to understand if you are given the information, but since Mainstream Media and the Schools wish to suppress the truth and to promote propaganda, you find little of the truth with them.  Here is the truth.

The Truth Is That Hitler Was Right

The Allies knew it too!  Russia (under Stalin) was a threat to all of Europe.  If it was not for Germany’s fight with Russia, Stalin’s plan would have come into reality.  Russia made a “Non-Aggression Pact” with Hitler as it was a “Chess Move” for him.  He was interested in World Domination and spreading the Communist System.

The Communist System has its roots in a Zionist Plan promoted by the Bolsheviks, and this is something that Hitler was quite aware of.  Hitlers constant Peace Treaties offered to Britain were totally aimed at the “Russian Threat”, and his constant reasoning with Britain that “Stalin’s Plan” was to have the Allies and the Axis Powers fight it out until they were both on their knees.  He constantly pointed out the mass deployment of Russian Tanks and Armaments all lined up at the borders of Europe, and Stalin’s plan to invade with overwhelming superiority when the European fight was over.  This was Hitler’s main fear.

In his Peace Treaties offered Britain and the Allies, he made it clear this threat and even offered far more than simple withdrawal from all German Gained Territory, but went incredibly further.  He would not even ask Britain to back Germany against the Russians and their threat of spreading Communism, but instead would PROTECT Britain alone.  Germany would (in fact) do all the fighting against Stalin, and in return, Hitler’s only request was to end hostilities between Britain and Germany.

Churchill, who was totally financed by, and obligated to the Zionists who demanded the total destruction of Germany, refused all Hitlers Peace Proposals.  Undaunted, Hitler elected to single-handedly fight Stalin anyway, even if still at war with Britain, and soon the United States as well.

At first, the invasion of Russia met with success, but the Zionist influence and funding of Russian Armaments (mainly from the USA) finally made Germany hit a wall.  Germany could not, in fact, win the War against Russia with the Zionist influence of the Allies, and Germany inflicted heavy damage on Stalin but was forced to retreat.

None of what I just mentioned is mentioned in M.S.M.

It is all true, all well documented.  Historical fact.  It is not even denied.  It is just simply suppressed.  Patton, upon learning of the truth, exclaimed that we have fought the wrong enemy but the heavily Zionist Influenced Eisenhower was continuing with the Zionist plan of the total destruction of Germany, and not only is there more than good reason to suspect that under his orders, was Patton killed, but given the evidence, it seems that he could have only been MORE guilty, had he shot Patton himself!  Eisenhower wanted to Genocide so many Germans for the Zionist cause, that he, himself had to be held back by anyone on his side, and operating on a “sane level”.  Eisenhower used false propaganda to promote the Holocaust Myth, was responsible for Gas Chamber Stories, and the Rheinwiesenlager (Rhine meadow camps) were a group of 19 camps built in the Allied-occupied part of Germany by the U.S. Army to hold captured German soldiers at the close of the Second World War.  Although the plan was officially canceled, it was in fact implemented. Between 1945 and 1953 it is estimated between 9 to 15 million ethnic Germans were killed, mainly civilians.

Zionists (hating this) keep blocking videos and such showing evidence of this and here is an example

Yet this “Soviet Threat” was still real, ally or not.

So this is why NATO was formed.  It was formed by other Countries to make sure there was a “Strong Alliance” against Stalin, should Russia recoup, and continue on with the plan of spreading Communism and World Conquest after WWII.

For the most part, this was a “Propaganda Fear” and nothing but that.  Russia was basically on its knees after the “Ass Whooping” the Germans gave them after WWII, and even JFK admitted privately that he knew that Russia was no major threat.  However, the propaganda was great for the Military Industrial Complex, and of course the expansion of US power throughout the World.  The Zionists?  They now had superior influence in both the Allies and the Russians.  They became the “Puppetmasters” putting on the show for the Audience, as they now controlled BOTH sides of the show!

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, and long after the death of Stalin, NATO really had no other purpose to be.  Originally a real threat which Hitler took care of, but the Allies refuse to admit.  Later a Propaganda Ploy to promote the Military Industrial Complex, and after the Berlin Wall, only a tool of pure terrorism.

Don’t think what I am saying is true?  Well then, what part of the North Atlantic or Russia was Libya?  ← That was a NATO operation.  How about Afghanistan?  NATO again.  It basically is RUN by the USA, and that is why the USA pays the most for it.  The USA  holds the agenda of the UN, not just because of its monetary influence and creation of it, but also because the USA has taken the “front seat” in running its campaigns.

It should be disbanded.  It no longer has any real purpose (even if it had one in the first place) and today just does the bidding of the USA, but Donald Trump thinks it is not doing enough.  At least the Countries (part of it) are not paying their fair share. Well, when you are supposed to pay your fair share for a corrupt tool of terrorism, then…

No Shyt Sherlock!

Either way, basically ALL the promoters of NATO know nothing about it, why it was formed, and what it involves itself in, but instead buy into a “Propaganda Fantasy” or they are benefiting financially by NATO and the Military Industrial Complex, Terrorism and ultimately War.


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A note on Freedom and Liberty


Do they ever get rid of “Old Laws” or just lump new ones on?

Are they correct to begin with? Sometimes the simplest of systems make the most sense. More laws mean more complications and more corruption to get around them. Are they just in the first place?

Let’s take voting for instance:

All throughout the Middle East and in places like Africa, when voting happens, people are often illiterate, or without documentation, but they still wish to cast a vote. This was much the same in the early days, during the forming of our Countries.

What do they do there? Simplicity to the max. They have normal paper ballots, and anyone in the present region on voting day can elect to vote. They cast their ballot, and upon exiting the voting booth, they are stamped with “Indelible Ink” on their hand. Since they cannot wash that off properly for days, and it is easily checked upon wishing to cast a ballot, it ensures ONE VOTE PER PERSON.

Never mind wrapping your head around if they are a Citizen or not! Is that important? If they are there on voting day, and wanting to participate in the Election, they most likely have good reasons for wanting to. Whatever their reasons, there would not be enough of them with “corrupt ideas and an agenda” enough to swing any election. So? Is it not better to allow freedom in voting than to concern yourself with motives for voting? If your concern is that you do not have groups with agendas, planning on voting many times, then this system prevents that from happening. Doesn’t it?

Is it not better than:

  • Corrupt Voting Machines that offer no receipts?
  • Rules as to what District they have to Vote in, often changed?

Don’t try to say that “Machines are Necessary”, as much larger Countries operate still on a “Paper Ballot System”. When you put in rules for voting which are complicated, then you open the door to the corruption process. The simplest way is best.

Do immigrants need to be heavily screened?

Making rules for ALL, simply because you have a small minority of bad apples simply puts a burden on the whole. It is easy and fast to check someone’s ID and ask them simple questions when entering a border checkpoint. This does not take too much time, and if the immigrant desires to remain in your Country, a vast majority will need Bank Accounts, Drivers Licences, and present documentation in order to get accommodations or to buy certain goods in your Country. A vast Majority of the Immigrants will apply for the proper documentation if it is made “Simple to do”.

Ben Franklin said:

“Those Whom Forsake Liberty For Security, Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Security”.

Not only is that a smart and acceptable statement, it also does not just apply to things like Immigration. It applies to things like “The Patriot Act”.

Why, out of fear, because you were told of limited incidents, done by a very few people, should EVERYONE face their Liberties curtailed? If your fears (for instance) are that of terrorism, and the point of “Terrorism” is to make you afraid enough to change how you walk and talk and travel and feel secure, isn’t forcing the ENTIRE POPULATION to conform to “RULES” which inconvenience them a “Total Win For The Terrorist”?

If you agree that it is, then Ben Franklin’s statement should make even more sense to you. More laws are not the solution, when it inconveniences the vast majority, for the minor faults of the extreme minority. This is simply giving up your Freedom. Your Liberty. I might add, that living with the rules over your head as a reminder, increases your fears, and makes you even “Less Secure”.

We started out (as Humanity) in every Country with very limited rules and regulations. We really did not need written rules to evaluate if killing another human being was wrong. Nor did we need anything written to evaluate that theft was wrong. We merely needed do decide on a “Fair Punishment”, and that punishment should not extend to everyone, just because of “Isolated Incidents”. Those incidents need to be dealt with, and everyone would be in agreement with that. They and they alone should be punished, and not the Majority.

Propaganda, and Fear, and more Propaganda meant to increase Fear is what we have allowed happening to Humanity. People wanting overall CONTROL of the masses used these fears and propaganda to push their agenda’s. They learned that if they could get control of a VAST MAJORITY of the information spread to the population, and promoted their fears and propaganda, they could manipulate the masses while suppressing the TRUTH.

In today’s age, we enter a new realm of the Internet. For those interested in research, they no longer need to fall into the propaganda of the Mass Media Promotions which are (at this point) owned and run by “Single Agenda Entities of Control”.

We can be free to think. We can evaluate better with more information on our tables. We can (as we have the tool of the Internet) not only learn, but to call out the falsehoods and the agendas promoted, and we can move away from so many RULES.

We can, with our technology, move away from the Control of the Energy Cartels, and of the Elite Structure which has been perpetrated on Mankind. We can DEMAND freedom and liberty! If the Government wants to put RULES on us, we can reject those rules, by mass disobedience, and protest. We can make it very hard for those people of Control to continue to force us into a tighter box, removing more and more of our Liberty and Freedom, as they have always done.

Mankind has the opportunity to stand up now, and fight them. We should not, and MUST NOT sing songs on their behalf which are forcing us all down the path of MORE RULES.

When it comes to Humanity, Less is More.

Much of our “Liberty of Thought” has been destroyed and weakened by Propaganda Promotion and Suppression.  The fact that a “Vast Majority” did not know the real reasons why our forefathers fought in WWI or WWII or why we have troops right now in the Middle East is Totally Due To This Suppression and Propaganda Promotion.

With the Internet, we find that we can research these subjects, and honestly, I don’t care what your beliefs are when you enter the research realm, simply because they will certainly change after you have done it.

Many (if not most) of your perceptions will change, based on what you research.  Sometimes, if focused on one and only one promoted perception of reality, you will come away still with the same opinion, no matter the fact that it may be misled.  You may find more to entrench you in your initial belief.  Yet a weighing factor should be a debate.  You cannot really cut off all debate on a subject and allow a fair conclusion.  This is really in your face displayed with:


There is just too much evidence of the fraud of the Holocaust to pass laws against debate on the topic!

If you are confused by this statement, then you will find plenty of debate points here on hollowhoax, and you might wish to pick one of the topics listed in “About”.

Discussion and debate are not the only things being banned because of this injustice either.  The pushing of the term “Anti-Semitic” and laws to prevent a boycott of Israel are either on the books or in the works to be on the books, all based on this injustice.  One thing that is not “Illegal Yet” (but don’t hold your breath) is the Official Story on 911.

This too will not ever go away, until the subject is brought properly to the table and debated.  Coincidently, it falls into the same agenda of the same people who are promoting the Holocaust and getting laws passed to prevent debate or discussion of the topic, with PLENTY of evidence contrary to the “Official Story”.


10 min Audio Example of this


The point in this website is to expose the debate topics which are suppressed and banned.  No conspiracy theories about it.  911, Official Story or not IS a conspiracy theory.  It either was a conspiracy for Middle Eastern Hijackers to infiltrate the USA and cause mass destruction at a rate that would be noticed by the entire World, causing a mass hysteria, or it was a “False Flag Operation”.  Either way, that is a conspiracy theory.

It either is a conspiracy theory of Adolf Hitler to take over and Control the Entire World, or it was a conspiracy theory of Zionists to label Adolf Hitler with this agenda.  Either way, this was a conspiracy theory.  Which was it?  That is the only real question.

We have all heard what Mainstream Media and Governments have told us for the last Century, as per their promotions of “Said Truth”, but they hid all the other evidence from us that argued those “promoted conspiracy theories”.  Just that fact alone should make you wonder what they were hiding.

It is time for Humanity to take their own Liberty and Freedom into the palms of their own hands, and do “personal research” without being guided.  Were the laws implemented based on their “promoted fears” justified?  Is there an argument to be made that without this “false propaganda promotion” that some laws hold no real weight for humanity, but more importantly for you?

If you have the time, I urge you to watch:

This One Hour/20 Min Video made for this site

Beliefs of Past Propaganda Ending

Internet Education


Over the past decade, pollsters charted something remarkable: Americans—long known for their piety—were fleeing organized religion in increasing numbers. The vast majority still believed in God mistakenly. But the share that rejected any religious affiliation was growing fast, rising from 6 percent in 1992 to 22 percent in 2014. Among Millennials, the figure was 35 percent.

This lies as a basis in why it has been so easy to hoodwink our Forefathers.  Originally it was all “close-knit” indoctrination.  You grew up in a family, and they told you what to believe.  They repeated it enough times until you too believed it.  Nothing was written down.  Not until:

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.29.16 AM

Scientists have discovered the earliest known Hebrew writing — an inscription dating from the 10th century B.C., during the period of King David’s reign.

The breakthrough could mean that portions of the Bible were written centuries earlier than previously thought. (The Bible’s Old Testament is thought to have been first written down in an ancient form of Hebrew.)

Until now, many scholars have held that the Hebrew Bible originated in the 6th century B.C. because Hebrew writing was thought to stretch back no further. But the newly deciphered Hebrew text is about four centuries older.

Humanists reject the claim that the Bible is the word of God. They are convinced the book was written solely by humans in an ignorant, superstitious, and cruel age. They believe that because the writers of the Bible lived in an unenlightened era, the book contains many errors and harmful teachings.

Humanists receive much criticism due to their position on the Bible. Some critics even accuse them of being evil. I might be one of those.  As again, it deals with the Elite who (at the time) were the only ones who could afford to be educated, period.

The Elite have always had a lot of time on their hands, as they always have, and it seems as if the most “Fun Thing To Do” is to devise and promote something that the masses will catch on to and run with.  They feel satisfaction when their “newest promotion of hoodwinking” catches on enough, that the “little people” adopt it and promote their pure bullshit for them.


When the Zionists tried, they always failed


140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust


They had put a lot of work into pushing Zionism, and their need for this new State of Israel, along with how they were Jews (which they had little blood ties to) and not only that, they spoke for ALL Jews (which they in no way did) and that THEY were the victims (themselves) of this “So-Called Holocaust”,  even though their most recent promotion did not really involve Zionists at all.  No, now their promotion was about their “poor brethren” the Jews who were not Zionists and did not wish to be Zionists and join them in Palestine after:

In 1933, the worldwide Jewish community began a protest versus the antisemitic (which we should know by now is a language, rather than a race or a religion, making the term moot as per its reference to Jews or Zionists) Nazis who had just come to power by organizing a huge and successful boycott versus German goods. This action inflicted severe damage on the German economy and threatened to create so much chaos that the Hitler government was expected by many to fall before winter.

However, a group of Zionist leaders (but far from all Zionists) undermined the boycott in order to carry out a Transfer Agreement with the Nazis that allowed some Zionist Germans to emigrate to Palestine with most of their wealth. Working against the boycott was part of that deal. The motivations of these Zionists varied from a fervent desire to bolster Palestine’s chances to survive to personal financial gain. The motivations of the Nazis were clear. They wanted the Zionist Control out of Germany.  Terrified by the prospects of the boycott to destroy the German economy, they made a deal with the Zionists.

In addition to the economic impact of the boycott, it served as a focal point of moral outrage against the Nazis that evoked worldwide sympathy among Jews and Christians alike. Had it continued, that moral outrage might have become even more important than the economic devastation it caused the Nazis?

Rabbi Stephen Wise, the most important American Jewish leader of the time, spoke for the boycott but in the end, failed to support it. Wise’s motivations were never clear since he worked hard to keep his actions hidden, (as Zionists do) but the reading of Black’s detailed presentation is that Wise was far more interested in his personal power and prestige than he was in bringing down Hitler. Wise said he supported the boycott but when the moment came, he did not; it is this duplicity which I find far more disgusting than his decision.

Without Wise’s support, the boycott failed, the western countries (US, Britain & France) failed to effectively oppose Hitler. While nobody in 1933  the result was that 60,000 Zionist Germans got to Palestine via the Transfer Agreement.

The Zionists then began to “turn the screws” on the remaining Jews who refused to accompany them and become Zionists themselves. Claims that Hitler was a Zionist, or supported Zionism before his anti-Jewish policies turned into murder and extermination flare up at regular intervals yet a Zionist pushed fraud just the same.  They usually cite the controversial Haavara Agreement (Transfer Agreement) of August 1933 as the most potent evidence of a wilful cooperation between Hitler and the Zionist movement. When viewed in a certain way, this deal does superficially seem to show that Hitler’s government endorsed Zionism – but just because it was a mechanism to help German Jews relocate to Palestine it does not imply it was “Zionist”.

The Haavara Agreement was the only formal contract signed between Nazi Germany and a Zionist organization. The signatories were the Reich Ministry of Economics, the Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland (Zionist Federation of Germany) and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (then under the directive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine).

Under the agreement, Zionist emigrants had to hand over their possessions before they left Germany, and the proceeds were used by a company specifically set up for this purpose in Tel Aviv to purchase German goods for sale in Palestine. The proceeds of these sales were then paid in Palestinian currency to the emigrants in Palestine.

The agreement was immediately criticised from all sides. The Zionist Federation was accused of collaboration with the Nazis, and the National Socialist authorities were criticised by fellow National Socialists for helping Jews when their official policy was to “solve the Jewish question”. Still, at this point in time, both sides no doubt saw potential benefits for themselves in such an agreement.

For the Zionist Federation, it was a way to save Zionists from the claws of an increasingly hostile regime and attract Jews to “convert to Zionism” & move to Palestine, while for the National Socialist state signing an international agreement was further proof of its legitimacy, broke the Jewish movement of boycotting German goods, and helped the recovery of German exports at a time when the German economy was still in the depth of depression.

The Haavara Agreement is the first example of a Nazi programme of organized Jewish relocation. Other and more radical examples include the mass expulsion of Polish and stateless Jews from Germany to Poland in October 1938, and the so-called Madagascar Plan, the attempt to relocate the Zionist population to the island of Madagascar, then a French colony. The latter plan became unfeasible when Germany was unable to defeat Great Britain in 1940.

But it is crucial to remember that at the same time as these and other forced relocation plans were discussed, Jews were being increasingly marginalized and disenfranchised in Nazi Germany. They were expelled from German civil service and from the professions, their shops and businesses were boycotted and their German citizenship was taken away. Step by step, they were excluded from German political, economic, legal, social and cultural life.  The National Socialists were certainly into this Zionist Plan to force conversion to Zionism and relocation of the remaining Non-Zionist Jews.

And in the aftermath of the “night of broken glass” pogrom of November 9, 1938, widely known as Kristallnacht, more and more Jews were deported to concentration camps.  Certainly, the 2 Regimes worked together to make this all happen.

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The establishment of the General Government in central Poland in October 1939, the Nazis were not in the least concerned that the territories where they intended to “concentrate” Jews were in a position to help their populations sustain themselves. They were looking for dumping grounds for Jews and other “undesirables”. These people were at best treated as ‘assets’ to exploit in labor camps until there was a way to deport them.  The War and the prolongation of it made such relocation impossible until after the war.

Yet the Elite control the Media, keeping your Forefathers in the Dark on these facts.

Just as Churches (before the Bible came in mass “Printed Form”) could all have their own ways of interpreting the Bible, and suppressing facts which were in the text if it did not fit their Agenda.  This even carries on today where the flock of Churches recites the Lords Prayer, changing the words (clearly written the same way in both Mathew and Luke) from the clearly written debts to the confusing word of “trespasses”.

It seems that is all they really need to do (these elites) is to find something that works, and hide the REAL information, and then promote it until it catches on, to the final:

Common Knowledge Stage

Then people just believe.  Why?  Simply because everyone else believes it, and they never take the time to research.  There must be some proof for the stand right?  If everyone is saying the same thing, it MUST have credibility right?

That is precisely the plan that worked when the Zionists infiltrated the Churches with their:

Scofield Bible

How much evidence do you need?

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