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The Zionists never give up!  Still making false allegations!

A 17 year old kid at the time?  Was he just following orders?  What do you think? He is accused of stopping people from escaping.  It’s all really worse when you learn what the Camp was really all about!


An Important But Little-Known Wartime Camp

By Mark Weber

While Stutthof is not as well-known as other wartime German camps, a close look at the history of this important internment center is revealing. The patterns of deportations to and from the camp, and the treatment of inmates, both Jewish and non-Jewish, disclose some surprising features.

Stutthof (Sztutowo in Polish) was located 36 kilometers east of the city of Danzig (now the Polish city of Gdansk) in a wooded clearing near the Baltic coast at the mouth of the Vistula river. Hastily set up as an emergency internment center in September 1939, as German forces were subduing Poland, it was soon established on a more permanent basis, and in 1942 was officially designated as a concentration camp. (1).

In 1943 and 1944 it was considerably enlarged until it included three large sections encompassing an area 2.5 by 1.2 kilometers. The Stutthof camp complex eventually embraced several dozen smaller satellite camps spread across a large part of East and West Prussia. In addition to administration and general upkeep work in the camp itself, inmates were employed in nearby workshops and factories that turned out equipment and clothing for the German armed forces. Other internees worked in a camp brick factory and greenhouse, and on nearby agricultural projects, quarries, ports and airfields. Inmates could send letters and receive parcels. At the end of 1943, a new regulation prohibited punishment by beating. (2).

Until 1944 there were relatively few Jewish internees. Most of the prisoners were Poles. In the fall of 1943 several hundred Jews found in hiding in the Bialystok ghetto (after the suppression of the uprising there) were transferred to Stutthof. (3). Beginning in June 1944, large numbers of Jews began arriving at Stutthof from Auschwitz. The first shipment of 2,500 Jewish women from Auschwitz-Birkenau was soon sent on to several hundred factories in the Baltic region. Between June and October 1944, 20,000 to 30,000 Jewish women, originally from Hungary, arrived at Stutthof from Auschwitz. In addition, Jewish women originally from the Lodz ghetto also arrived at Stutthof from Auschwitz. (4).

During the summer and fall of 1944, as Soviet forces advanced toward the Baltic region, thousands of Jews, including Jewish mothers and their children, were evacuated to Stutthof from more than a dozen camps and remnant ghettos in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In particular, Jews were transferred from the camps at Riga (Latvia) and Kaunas (Lithuania), and the ghetto of Siauliai (Lithuania) in July 1944. Most were evacuated by sea on scarce ships. (5).

During the second half of 1944, as Soviet forces continued their westward advance, the Germans transferred large numbers of Jews, including hundreds of Jewish children, from Lithuania and Estonia through Stutthof to Auschwitz. (6). Many of these evacuees were Jews who had earlier been deported to the Baltic region from Germany as part of the “final solution” policy of mass deportation to occupied Soviet territories in the “East.” (7).

These transfers to Stutthof are difficult to reconcile with a German policy to annihilate Europe’s Jews. If there had been such an extermination policy, it is particularly difficult to understand why Jews from the Baltic region — all of whom were supposedly doomed — were evacuated on Germany’s overtaxed transportation system instead of being killed on the spot. The fact that many of the Jews evacuated by the Germans from the Baltic area to Stutthof were unemployable children is particularly difficult to reconcile with a general extermination policy. (8).

This new influx dramatically changed the camp’s character. By late 1944, Jews made up about 70 percent of the inmate population. Russians constituted about 20 percent, and other nationalities made up the remaining ten percent. (9). The camp was divided into separate male and female compounds. Most of the inmates were reportedly young, above all Jewish girls and young women between the ages of 13 and 22. There was a separate barracks block for Jewish boys below the age of 17. As a rule, Jews did not have to work, although some were occasionally assigned to farm work on the outside. (10).

As a result of the chaos and tremendous overcrowding brought about by the worsening military situation, conditions in the camp deteriorated badly during 1944. Although new arrivals were routinely subjected to a quarantine period of two to four weeks, an epidemic of typhus broke out in the second half of the year. The death rate rose dramatically and reached a high point at the end of that year, when nine percent of the total inmate population reportedly died during December 1944. Besides typhus, inmates fell victim to enteric fever and hunger. (11).

Camp administrators did what they could under the almost impossible conditions to save lives. Hospital facilities for inmates were greatly expanded, and eventually took up a whole complex of barracks. Inmate physicians and nurses, as well as SS medical personnel, worked in these facilities, which were divided into 12 departments. Unfortunately, care for sick internees was severely limited by a serious lack of medicines and proper instruments. (12). In mid-January 1945, there were about 50,000 Stutthof inmates, about half of whom were in the main camp. There were 29,000 Jewish internees, including nearly 26,000 women. (13).

On January 25, 1945, with Soviet forces only a few kilometers away and the sound of gunfire audible in the distance, camp commandant SS Major Paul-Werner Hoppe, acting on higher instructions, ordered a general evacuation of internees to the interior of the Reich. Sick inmates, as well as a group needed to dissolve the camp, were to remain behind, he added. (14). Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer has acknowledged the difficulty of reconciling this evacuation order with an extermination policy. At a 1981 conference, he asked rhetorically: “What was their [the Germans’] intention? Why did the SS march these people away? … Why did the commander of the camp in Stutthof give an order in January 1945 that everybody was to march except for the sick?” (15).

Coming as it did in the middle of winter, this mass evacuation in groups of fifteen hundred each was a terrible ordeal that claimed many thousands of lives. The ten-day march was carried out in snow and freezing temperatures, with very little food or adequate shelter. One Polish historian has estimated that 30,000 died during this evacuation trek. (16). One group of evacuees was rescued by Soviet forces in February 1945, but many in this group died after their liberation. (17).

Stutthof’s prisoners were not the only ones to endure this terrible calamity. During this same period, hundreds of thousands of German civilians, most of them women and children, as well civilians of other nationalities, were slowly making their way westward in the snow and freezing weather. Many of these people also died during the winter trek. (18).

In March and April 1945, Soviet war planes repeatedly attacked the Stutthof camp. A bomb that hit the Jewish hospital on March 26, 1945, killed 28 and wounded 35. (19). During the following weeks, Soviet air and artillery strikes became more frequent. By April 20, 1945, a former Jewish inmate later recalled (20).

Stutthof was bombarded from the air and ground. The bombing went on day and night…. The Stutthof camp was enormous and from one end to the other it was burning down from the air attacks. Countless numbers of Katzetler [inmates] were killed by the bombs. I myself was lucky, because a bomb hit our ward and three-quarters of the sick were killed or wounded.

Evacuation by Sea

In late April 1945, with Stutthof now cut off from unoccupied Germany except by sea, it was finally decided to evacuate the 3,000 or so Jewish women still remaining in the camp. One inmate who was evacuated on a cargo ship later recalled her terrible ordeal: (21).

We sailed and sailed and went into ports many times. Which, I can’t remember. But no port would let us stay because there was a yellow flag flying from the top, meaning the ship was supposed to be carrying people with contagious diseases on board. …At every port, the captain declared that he was carrying women refugees and asked permission to unload them.

But time and time again they were turned away, although at one port some German soldiers gave them some bread. With almost no water or food, the ship drifted for eleven days from one port to another. During this terrible period, Allied planes twice attacked the unarmed vessel, killing many of the Jews on board. During a third bombing attack, which came while the ship was anchored outside of Kiel harbor and only a day before the arrival of British troops there, the vessel caught fire and sank. Many died in the flames or during the mad scramble to get on deck, and others drowned. One survivor recalls that all but 33 of the 2,000 Jewish women on board perished.(22)

The final evacuation from Stutthof took place on April 27, 1945. Under attack from Soviet warplanes, the prisoners were loaded onto several barges at nearby Hela harbor, which were then towed westward to territory still under German control. One barge, packed with sick inmates, was destined for Kiel. Others were taken to the port town of Neustadt near Lübeck.(23) One Polish historian has estimated that 3,000 of the Stutthof internees who were evacuated by sea lost their lives in the ordeal.(24)

Not all of Stutthof’s inmates were evacuated. Hundreds who were not able to move were left behind in the camp, which remained in German hands as part of the fiercely defended Danzig enclave until it was surrendered to Soviet forces on May 10, 1945.(25)

Gas Chamber Allegations

Some historians have insisted that prisoners were killed at Stutthof in a camp gas chamber.(26) According to a 1985 statement by Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History “more than one thousand” people were killed in a Stutthof gas chamber.(27) However, the evidence cited for homicidal gassings at Stutthof is meager and not very credible. The camp’s “gas chamber” building, which is still intact, is a small brick structure about two and a half meters high, five meters in length, three meters wide. American historian Konnilyn Feig has written that it looks “almost like a toy.” Polish officials have seriously claimed that the Germans gassed one hundred persons at a time in the chamber (that is, six or seven persons per square meter). Homicidal gassings with Zyklon were supposedly carried out intermittently between June and December 1944 in this chamber.(28)

Polish historian Krzysztof Dunin-Wasowicz believes that this building was neither designed nor built as a homicidal gassing facility. In an essay published in a semi-official work about the alleged homicidal “gas chambers,” he writes that this building was built as a (non-homicidal) gas chamber for treating clothes. However, he goes on to claim that this it was sometimes also improvisationally used to kill people. (“Originally the gas chamber was built as a room for delousing clothing, and it continued to be used for this purpose, too, for as long as it existed.”)(29)

Interestingly, the “gas chamber” building is not at all hidden or camouflaged, nor is it disguised as a shower. Therefore, if it had actually been used as a homicidal gassing facility, prospective victims apparently would have been under no illusion about the fate that awaited them. It is worth noting that the Germans in charge of the camp never made any effort to destroy or dismantle Stutthof’s supposed “extermination facility,” which is difficult to believe if, in fact, it had been a execution gas chamber. (30).

A West German court that heard “eyewitness testimony” about homicidal gassings at Stutthof declared in its 1964 verdict that “with regard to the gassings a positive determination was likewise not possible.” Evidence given by several supposed witnesses of gassings was found to be dubious or not credible.(31) Raul Hilberg makes no mention of homicidal gassings at Stutthof in his detailed three-volume Holocaust work. Two other prominent Holocaust historians, Lucy Dawidowicz and Nora Levin, likewise said nothing about the camp’s alleged extermination facility.

Estimates of Victims

According to Polish historian Czeslaw Pilichowski, director of Poland’s “Central Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes,” of the 120,000 people (Jews and non-Jews) who were ever interned in Stutthof or its satellite camps, 85,000 died. (32). Polish historian Krzysztof Dunin-Wasowicz has estimated that of the camp’s 120,000 inmates, “about 80,000 of them either died or were murdered.” (33). Another Polish historian gives a “conservative” estimate of 65,000 Stutthof victims. (34)

Altogether more than 52,000 Jews were interned in Stutthof and its satellite camps, according to Jewish historian Martin Gilbert and the Encyclopaedia Judaica. Only about 3,000 survived, they estimate, and add that perhaps 26,000 of the Jewish victims died or drowned during the evacuation in 1945. (35).

Although it is difficult to determine the actual number of deaths with any precision, in this regard it is important to keep in mind that the great majority of Stutthof’s victims were direct and indirect victims of war, including thousands who lost their lives in Allied air attacks during the final weeks of fighting. As was also the case at Dachau, Buchenwald and other German camps, a considerable portion of those who died in the Stutthof main camp were victims of typhus and other diseases who succumbed during the final months of the war.

As we have seen, most Stutthof victims apparently lost their lives in the grim and hastily organized evacuations by foot or sea. As harsh as they were, these evacuations were not part of any killing policy. In spite of its high death rate, Stutthof was not organized or operated as an extermination center, and the many deaths there were not the result of any systematic policy or program.

Ok… So what did YOU do little lamb?

what did you do

You know what you did!


As you left this planet not caring for your Grandkids, or anyone else but yourself.  You left them all to “Burn in Hell”!  Right?

Or did you do a few simple “clicks” to share some posts, and educate others?  Or did you stand in front of a Tank today?  Did you show up at a protest?  Did you get jailed?  Did you spit in a Cops face?  Did you become an activist?

Or are you simply munching on popcorn and reading this?



First 6 Months of 2019 Hollowhoax Stats

2019 6 months stats

Good Job All! Less work on my part, better stats than…


Last Year!


And we are keeping it going! One person can tell 5.  Educate 10. Free 100!  People are catching on, all over social media, but the “Heavy Hitters” are still using bullshit terms like “Anti-Semitic” and Holocaust. <=== As if anything claimed has any base in reality!

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The Internet is at your fingertips!

newest con job

Your Parents had no access to the Internet

If you believe in something, a rule, a law, a Constitution, an Amendment… look where it came from!  Just don’t believe in it because you are most familiar with that particular con job!

What do you believe in?  Do you know where it came from?  Go back.  Keep going back.  It came from somewhere, so where did it come from?

Let’s make an example.  A couple actually.  Let’s start with the Right to Bear Arms.  Where did that come from?

Well, it came from a 1689 British Bill of Rights.  Why?  Was it in place before?  Why was it put in place, and why?  Is it a “Con Job”?

Well, were there people (actually Citizens) armed beforehand?   What happened then?

If you research it, you will find that it was not a Right, but a Law.  A law people were getting fed up with.  They had to arm themselves and train themselves, under penalty of law if they did not do it!  The rich could get out of the requirement, but the poor would be fined or jailed if they did not comply.

After decades of being forced off their land to fight for King and Country, they were really fed up with this, for various reasons!  Many lost their lives in endless wars and often returned (often maimed) to find taxes they could not pay, and they lost their homes, and families too!

So a “good con” was to call it a “RIGHT” to bear arms, and maybe that might calm them down a little.

Did it work?  Not for long!  Only in the USA did it ever work, as they simply conned more by telling the Citizens that it was their way to control Government (which never happened) and the Government wanted to come to take their guns (which they never did).

So, that’s recent.  Can we go back further?  Yes, actually we can.  Back to Roman days, where everyone too was forced to adopt a weapon and train with it, under penalty of law.

What was the purpose?  Easy!  Having all your Citizens armed made your Country more able to defeat any foe, and the better armed the Citizenry was, the more successful the Empire!

Another example:

Do you believe in Christianity?  Where did that come from?

Well, the Jews laughed as they made up this story using a Jewish Messiah and a Jewish Mother coming from Judea, and their entire plan was to destroy the NON-believers.  Those who refused to conform to Judaism.

The Jews infiltrated Rome and the Highest Control in it, and pretending to be Christians, they infiltrated the Catholic Church.  They wanted to destroy it from inside.  They effectively split it up and made offshoots of Protestant Religions, moving on to the next stage.  They always have moved slowly.  Throughout Centuries.

Yet, where did this belief system come from?  Before there were Mirthra and Zeus,  and many others, including Ancient Egypt and Horus.

Ancient Egypt did not hide their ideas were all fables.  Taken from Sun and Star Worship, the idea was to teach the illiterate fables, to help them relate to the changing seasons, knowing when to plant and when to harvest.

Most Orthodox Jews today readily admit that Moses was a fable, made out of at least 3 Men and Adam and Eve were a fable as well.  The timeline and succession from the told stories in Genesis do not work out at all.  It gets nothing right!

What Genesis got wrong


Yet they had this idea where eventually they would rule the World, and kill off most of the Goyim, only to make the others slaves.



Christopher Jon Bjerknes Warnings from the Past


I doubt it will work!


Zionism is a relatively new concept and rejected by over 90% of the Jews from the beginning of its creation.  Most Jews are not going along with this “Genocidal Concept”.


Yet the plan is well documented.  It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory”, as it is so well documented over Centuries, by Jews themselves.  Most are not into it.  Never have been.

Yet there is a few, who hold to this belief, and that is the plan, and it is moving on.  It has been going on for Centuries, and it may be becoming less popular, but it remains with the HARDLINE ZIONISTS!

Zionists have been successful in infiltrating most Governments.  They were responsible for Bolsheviks and those philosophies have not come to an end.  Still rampant in places like Russia.

They are part of the USA Administration and Canada too.  The EU.  Australia.  I am not naming all the Countries, as they have their hands in everyone.  All with the levers of power to control.  All with their Central Banks.  All with their control of Media.

It is up to YOU “Grasshopper” to research!


mossad (1).jpg

Why blame Zionists for this?

venezuela election

Simply because they are the Puppeteers pulling the strings!

Trump is going on about a need for a Wall, and that is simply his “Political Ad” for the dumbed down racists still left in the USA, and most without an education.  As the mass migration of refugees into Mexico (some reaching the US Border) is a result of…

United States Intervention in South America!

If it wasn’t for “Zionist Owned Mainstream Media”, you might be well versed in this practice, which has been going on for over a Century.  Government and Media, working for, hand and hand, even with the Schools to keep you all dumbed down enough to form a hatred for victims.  It goes on with the Middle East and Islamophobia.  It also goes on in North America (Canada following the USA as lapdogs) and being totally ignorant of the facts, because Zionists do the best they can do, in order to keep the FACTS from you.

Better that you believe in Racism and Hatred!

Let’s go to “The Real News” to get some “Real Scope” as to what is actually going on here eh Grasshopper?


Attempted US-Led Coup in Venezuela

When did they START hoodwinking us?

mushroom christmas

Way before this, but it is a good part to analyze as outrageous!

Can you believe it?  If there was a Jesus (which I can assure you there was not) then Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of Jesus birth.  How did Pine Trees and Magic Mushrooms get into the mix?

Why does Santa dress in red like a Mushroom?  Why is there even paintings of Jesus with this Mushroom?  Why Reindeer?  Why do they fly?

These are all questions you never ask, as you go out each year to get a Christmas Tree.  Why a tree?  The pine tree is where the Mushrooms grow beneath.  That’s why.  The Mushrooms are the “Gift” under the tree.

These Mushrooms are a favorite food of Reindeer.  Magic Mushrooms are a hallucinogen.  They can be eaten raw (as the Reindeer do) but they are toxic in that way to humans.  Humans are better to dry them out before eating them.  Yet for both Reindeer and Humans, the “trip” you get, very well could involve flying.

Santa’s were Spiritual Healers, Shawmen.  Every Christmas, they would gather the Mushrooms from under the pine trees and give them out as gifts to families in their communities.  Sometimes the snow was too deep to get to the families on Christmas Eve, and they would instead come in via the chimney.

People would hang stockings by the fireplace, and if Magic Mushrooms were placed inside of these stockings, they would dry out enough overnight to be non-toxic for the families, but still packing the PUNCH of the drug.

Virtually nothing of Christmas (and how we practice it) has anything to do with Jesus.  It comes from the story of Santa and his flying reindeer and can be traced to an unlikely source: hallucinogenic or “magic” mushrooms.

“Santa is a modern counterpart of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering plants and fungi to commune with the spirit world,”.

Every major meme of our modern myth of Santa Claus can be found among the ancient reindeer herders of Siberia. Their shamanic religion revolves around a psychoactive mushroom, the colorful red-and-white Amanita muscaria. While most people think of Christmas as the classic Christmas celebration, the truth is that most of the symbols associated with Santa Claus are based on the religious traditions of pre-Christian Europe.

Santa Claus the Magic Mushroom

So you do it without thinking.  Nobody knows the origin in most families.  Yet you do it.  Why?  Is it because everybody else does it?  Everyone else believes in the Season?  You can say you do it for your own reasons, but the tree and the red and the white and the reindeer and the presents under the tree?

No wonder MSM can get masses to just “repeat after me”.  As nobody investigates.  They just go with the flow.

The Truth About Christianity – Astrotheology, Evidence, and Magic Mushrooms

End of Year Stats in full Hollowhoax

final 2018

We had a good run, and woke up a lot of people!

We forced some of the suppressors to shut down too!  Not that they will admit that they have been attacked BECAUSE they were suppressing stuff from the Internet like found here.  No, of course not.  Unfortunately, it is not illegal to suppress.  Yet it does make people get mad and to look for legal reasons to shut them down!  Will they ever learn?  No.  Probably not.  Yet that cannot stop us!  We need to continue with the education.

In this year, sites like this one have promoted:

  • Bitcoin
  • New Social Media (without ads or tracking)
  • Alternative engines for searching (like Google tracking search)
  • New video formats (we need more than that)
  • Education of every kind.  People like you fighting, and reposting!

So here is my report:

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75+ Years later and the Propaganda continues!


Britain and France declared War on Germany!

Not the other way around!


Before the outbreak of war in 1939, Hitler offered to Poland an adjustment of borders to peacefully terminate the Polish Corridor dividing the heartland of Germany from East Prussia. Keep in mind that Poland had taken a slice of Czechoslovakia as part of the Munich agreement in 1938, so the Poles were in a poor position, politically or morally, to reject his proposal.

Once Britain and France declared war on Germany Hitler chose not to attack British cities by air, although under the rules of war he would have been justified in doing so.

After the Polish victory, Hitler said, “I appealed to the insight of the statesmen, predicting devastating consequences.”

“I appealed to the rest of the world,” he added, “although I feared that my word would not be heard and would more than ever arouse the fury of the warmongers.

“I predicted correctly that my appeal would not be heard.”

Hitler said documents found in France June 19 contained reports of secret meetings of the Allied War Council and that marginal notes by French Generalissimo Maxime Weygand and the then Premier Edouard Daladier showed the “machinations of the warmongers regarding all small nations.”

They intended, he said, “to use Finland for their own interest, turn Norway and Sweden into a theater of war and had planned the bombardment of Baku, violating Turkey’s neutrality.”

These “warmongers,” Hitler said, “inflicted an appalling fate on hundreds of thousands, even millions, of their own soldiers, callously enforcing mass evacuations for their own people.”

Read more:

Germany’s enemies maintain today that Adolf Hitler is the greatest disturber of peace known to history, that he threatens every nation with sudden attack and oppression, that he has created a terrible war machine in order to cause trouble and devastation all around him. At the same time, they intentionally conceal an all-important fact: they themselves drove the Leader of the German people finally to draw the sword. They themselves compelled him to seek to obtain at last by the use of force that which he had been striving to gain by persuasion from the beginning: the security of his country. They did this not only by declaring war on him on September 3, 1939 but also by blocking step for step for seven years the path to any peaceful discussion.

The attempts repeatedly made by Adolf Hitler to induce the governments of other states to collaborate with him in a reconstruction of Europe resemble an ever-recurring pattern in his conduct since the commencement of his labors for the German Reich. But these attempts were wrecked every time by reason of the fact that nowhere was there any willingness to give them due consideration, because the evil spirit of the Great War still prevailed everywhere, because in London and Paris and in the capitals of the Western Powers’ vassal states there was only one fixed intention: to perpetuate the power of Versailles.

A rapid glance at the most important events will furnish incontrovertible proof for this statement.

When Adolf Hitler came to the fore, Germany was as gagged and as helpless as the victors of 1918 wanted her to be. Completely disarmed, with an army of only 100,000 men intended solely for police duties within the country, she found herself within a tightly closed ring of neighbors all armed to the teeth and leagued together. To the old enemies in the West, Britain, Belgium, and France, new ones were artificially created and added in the East and the South: above all Poland and Czechoslovakia. A quarter of the population [2] of Germany have forcibly torn away from their mother country and handed over to foreign powers. The Reich, mutilated on all sides and robbed of every means of defense, at any moment could become the helpless victim of some rapacious neighbor.

Then it was that Adolf Hitler for the first time made his appeal to the common sense of the other powers. On May 17, 1933, a few months after his appointment to the office of Reichskanzler, he delivered a speech in the German Reichstag, from which we extract the following passages:

        “Germany will be perfectly ready to disband her entire military establishment and destroy the

 small number of arms remaining to her 

    • if the neighboring countries will do the same thing with equal thoroughness.

… Germany is entirely ready to renounce aggressive weapons of every sort if the armed nations, on their part, will destroy their aggressive weapons within a specified period and if their use is forbidden by an international convention.

… Germany is at all times prepared to renounce offensive weapons if the rest of the world does the same. Germany is prepared to agree to any solemn pact of non-aggression because she does not think of attacking anybody but only of acquiring security.”

No answer was received.

Hitler offered Peace the Day After Invading Poland!

France and Britain would have no part of it.  Germany offered to withdraw all their troops from conquered Poland (don’t forget, Russia had 1/2, which they seemed to not care about so much) except for that of the Polish Corridor.


So the German forces kicked the French and British butts!  Occupied all of France, and then let the British escape from Dunkirk.  Sure “kicking their butts a little” as they escaped from Dunkirk, but once that was over, presented another Peace Proposal to now withdraw from all but the Corridor in Poland, and France now too!  Just to end hostilities.  Yet Churchill did everything in his power to prevent that Peace Proposal from being submitted.  Suppressed to the point where the Luftwaffe had to drop leaflets off in Britain, directly to the people.

In October 1939 it is said that Hitler made an appeal to the France-British alliance not to continue the war and emphasized the consequences of which, can only be devastating should the appeal be ignored. Alleging it was the warmongers that needed a long war because they had invested so much of their capital in armament shares, had purchased machinery and therefore required time for the development of their business interests and the amortization of their investments. Emphasizing the point that it was France and Britain who declared war on Germany in 1914 and again in 1939.

German Intelligence is said to have had information of the Anglo-French intentions of creating trouble in the Balkans that would result in the cutting off Germany’s supply of oil and immediate occupation of a number of the most important points under the pretext of preventing Germany from further war supplies. The case of the “Altmark” showed at the time; that the Norwegian Government was not prepared to safeguard their own neutrality. The massing of allied troops along the Holland and Belgium borders put those countries neutrality in some doubt and made it necessary for Germany to take some preventative action in safeguarding its own borders. The leaflet covers the military action taken from September 1939 up to the fall of France and listed in detail all the promotions and honors bestowed on the senior general staff officers.

Members of the Reichstag were informed that the loss in arms in Norway and especially during the campaign against Holland, Belgium, and France was entirely negligible and that the army and air force were more than perfectly equipped and stronger in the advance against Great Britain.

The leaflet emphasized Hitler’s regret that, in spite of all his determined and honest efforts, he had not succeeded in achieving the friendship with England which he believed would have been a blessing for both people.

Hitlers appeal


Yet, that “Mean Ol’ Hitler Dude” beat us when WE DECLARED WAR?


Best they can still do is blame the RAF


Now across the Ocean, they are doing the same stuff 75+ Years Later… and the Propaganda goes on with just a sprinkling of truth.

Across the sea

Watch how much they admit to!


People like me that take no Corporate Funding…

ww1 conspiracy

Are people you can trust, and this guy is like a GOD to us

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James Corbett presents at TEDxGroningen

The Corbett Report is edited, webmastered, written, produced and hosted by James Corbett.

James Corbett has been living and working in Japan since 2004. He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. Since then he has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of audio and video media for the website, including a podcast and several regular online video series. He is the lead editorial writer for The International Forecaster, the e-newsletter created by the late Bob Chapman.

His work has been carried online by a wide variety of websites and his videos have garnered over 50,000,000 views on YouTube alone. His satirical piece on the discrepancies in the official account of September 11th, “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” was posted to the web on September 11, 2011 and has so far been viewed nearly 3 million times.

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The WWI Conspiracy – Part One: To Start A War

The WWI Conspiracy – Part Two: The American Front


The WWI Conspiracy – Part Three: A New World Order


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The Truth is spreading like “Wildfire”!

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Yet we have over 7 Billion to reach!

Some might not believe it at first.

Yet, it is true and all throughout Hollowhoax, you will find links to the evidence in the posts.  Most have gotten to the point now, where they do not even comment.  Just share.  Some without even “liking” it first.  Yet Hollowhoax keeps going on day by day (I just paid for another year) and whether I post or not, people are researching the evidence.  Adding to it with their own research, and reproducing stuff which is all here in one form or another.

I want no more credit for the number of years I said these things and produced this evidence than I wish to get money for this site.  The point is “Humanity” and this money (made from nothing) has little hold on me, more than to use for basic survival.  Crypto-Currency will be the future I think, as everyone sees the frauds in the currency we use today and the system of control.  All lying with the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s, it is merely a facade.

Yet someone came up with a good clip (it, I doubt will last too long in its present format) and I advise you all to download it.  As it compiles much of what this entire site has the evidence for.  Give it a watch.

1hr Presentation, putting it all together


One hr talk on the Khazars and Ashkenazi